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Custom DLC in Dissidia 012:Duodecm!? OH BOY!!! - Bahamut ZERO - 11-09-2014

Some people tend to not like the game for one reason or another, but personally I find Dissidia 012: Duodecim to be a gem the Squeenix unsurprisingly kicked to curb back when PSN got hacked and they stopped releasing DLC.

And most of what they released wasn't really worth the money, considering I found out something amazing just the other day: CUSTOM SKINS.

Through custom firmware and a plugin called Nploader, you can find all sorts of awesome/funny stuff. Crisis Core's Zack over Cloud. The Aerith skin used for her assist that you have to play through a paid demo to get can be used over Terra. LINK over the Warrior of Light. Haunter over ExDeath. Frickin MARIO over SHANTOTTO for christ's sake (which oddly enough actually fits pretty well and looks HD as BALLS compared to most of the actual normal characters' costumes.)

Though my favorite so far has been a Serge skin for Bartz, which uses most if not all of Serge's weapons from Chrono Cross for the numerous weapons Bartz uses in his attacks.

Best of all, none of the custom skins one can find on the internet overwrites the ones already in the game, they all use unused DLC costume slots Square never used. There are actually 9 DLC slots per character, which from what I gather Square only ever used 1 slot per character (some characters didn't even get one I think). And if I remember right, there are 255 DLC music slots PER FINAL FANTASY CATAGORY (example: FFV - Battle on the Bridge) which Square only used a handful of slots in that case as well.

All one needs for using custom DLC skins is the following:

PSP with custom firmware (I'm using 6.60 ME-1.8)

An ISO of Dissidia 012: Duodecim (I used a hombrew called UMD Dumper Ultimate Edition to rip one from my actual disk, directly to my memory stick Smile )

Nploader (nice plugin I found that's used for custom DLC-reading from a memory stick). If you a PRO custom firmware I think something like Nploader is built into it, but I don't use it. I'd rather just use this plugin.

Now, the setup for this is pretty simple:

STEP 1: Copy the contents of the Nploader zip into the SEPLUGINS folder on your memory stick, and add the line "ms0:/seplugins/nploader.prx 1" to your GAME.txt without the quotes.

STEP 2: Make a folder inside of PSP/GAME and name it "ULUS10566" without the quotes. This is the folder where you'll put the custom DLC files, and where Nploader reads these files from. Note that the folder name is for the U.S version.

For the Eurpeon version the folder name is "ULES01505" without quotes.

For the Japenese release, name your folder "NPJH50377" without quotes.

Dissidia's DLC by nature isn't region locked, and neither are the custom skins/music. I'll be referring to the US name as that's the one I'm using.

STEP 3: The fun part: GET SOME CUSTOM DLC! Dissidia Forums is a great place to start off, and only requires a quick registration for viewing posts with Skins and download links. Once you have some custom DLC you want to try out, be it a skin or some music tracks, simply copy the contents of the .zip file into your ULUS10566 folder.

But if you'd rather not register, you can visit:


Click on "Dissidia Duodecim Mods" and you'll find some of the skins I mentioned (Zack, Aerith, Serge) as well as some other skins and music tracks. Skbladecloud I believe either created or help create the tools used for making all of these wonderful custom DLC's. But if you're looking for Link or Mario (or an Evil Moogle over Cloud of Darkness that fights with crystals instead of tentacle porn.... tentacles...) you'll have to register at Dissidia Forums and visit the "Bloko's DLCs" thread.

And you should be good to go! An easy way to keep track of what skins your using, I suggest making a list of what skins you have for what characters. It makes things easier if you come across a skin that happens to use a DLC slot you already have something you like using in it.

Warrior of Light

Sidenote: You know what's sad? I started off typing this wanting to talk about Dissidia in general, and I ended up getting sidetracked and made a tutorial... wtf, me. Wtf. So if this isn't considered General Discussions now, please let me know and I'll figure out how to move it haha.

Anyone's thoughts on Custom DLC in Dissidia? Or the game in general?

I love the fighting, but I'm not a big fan of the voice acting at times, though I noticed it's a bit better with the subtitles turned off.

RE: Custom DLC in Dissidia 012:Duodecm!? OH BOY!!! - Bahamut ZERO - 11-25-2014

Seeing as it's been awhile since I posted this, and have been having a fun time with the dlc characters I found, I figure I'd post some screenshots I've taken from replays of various fights. I've noticed that if you play Labrynth Mode there's a good chance of fighting against DLC characters (as their costumes are chosen at random before the fight.) and actually makes it a worthtwhile mode to mess around with.

Tidus VS. Blaziken (Tifa)

[Image: o7156e.jpg]

Link (Warrior of Light) at Orpheon's Cradle

[Image: 4h38td.jpg]

Roxas (Onion Knight EX Mode)

[Image: 281eft5.jpg]

Aerith (Terra) casting Meltdown

[Image: 2mglapi.jpg]

Mario (Shantotto) LIMIT BREAK

[Image: 15mla8m.jpg]

Yeowch! Right in the Gonads!

[Image: 69hjxl.jpg]

Miss Cloud
[Image: 1zd7ifq.jpg]

Feel free to post your own screenshots if you wish. It's pretty fun seeing what hilarious or epic things can come from a good fight. I'll be adding a few more of my own, as I've gotten some Pokemon and more Kingdom Hearts characters to fight with since these were taken.

RE: Custom DLC in Dissidia 012:Duodecm!? OH BOY!!! - Fire Storm - 11-27-2014

This is awesome. Dissidia 012 is one of my favorite games of all time. I'll have to look into this.

RE: Custom DLC in Dissidia 012:Duodecm!? OH BOY!!! - LordSutebenu - 11-29-2014

My favorite one is actually the Vivi skin, I believe they put it over Shantoto, though honestly, I felt they should have just put Vivi into the game, they had so many great opportunities to put in a IX and a VI character, and none of them were taken advantage of. Vivi would have been awesome, and I'd have liked to see either Edgar, or Gau from VI. I kind of imagine that Vaan plays something similar to how I imagined Edgar would, but Gau I think would play more like Anti-Sora, a feral and wild-like fighting style.

RE: Custom DLC in Dissidia 012:Duodecm!? OH BOY!!! - m_f_m - 06-23-2020

Hello everyone! I know it's been many years later, but I recently got back into playing Dissidia, and I'm in search of mods that were created for the game waaay back in the day. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding some of them, which is why I wanted to ask you guys; do any of you still happen to possess mods for this game? And if so, are you perhaps willing to share them? Any and all responses are greatly appreciated, thank you! <3