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RE: RotDS v1.5.4 download - Tenkarider - 05-31-2016

Dead air bug fix you mean? wasn't Leet Sketcher still at work with it?

How it's changed Zuriel AI? Nerf, Buff or new battle style?

RE: RotDS v1.5.4 download - Gi Nattak - 05-31-2016

There turned out to be a bug with the version of Dead in the Air (Fix A) where he wouldn't come back down from jump if the character died from poison while mid-air. He's going to try and fix 'Fix A', but in the meantime I used 'Fix B' instead where the issue is not present. But, the way both fixes are atm will still leave a character dead in the air from poison/seizure, so it's kind of lame.

Zuriel's script is far less basic than it was, a bunch of more variables were added to have him switch up parts of his script depending on how many 'lives' he lost, and I switched up the way he does the 'the end comes beyond chaos' part, where he now becomes invulnerable during this state, and worked in something else for a timer. He counters differently depending on variables set as well. I'd say it's a tougher script overall, much busier. I actually did nerf it only by removing him from casting Meteo, which I will do instead for the 'hard' version to come, because he could one-shot the party easily and since it takes a while to get to him, that is pretty weak. I'm really happy with it now though I suggest giving it a try if you got a save state around, I'd be interested in feedback.

RE: RotDS v1.5.4 download - Tenkarider - 05-31-2016

in the case i'll have some free time i'll give it a shot. (difficult in this period, i also delayed CotG developement for a while)
Still i guess it's gonna be nasty to load a savestate and see the impact of new balancement to the endgame build of my save...

RE: RotDS v1.5.4 download - madsiur - 06-04-2016

(05-31-2016, 03:09 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: So the next version will feature the difficulty selection feature (courtesy of Madsiur) that was planned for this release.

I think this should be the 1.6 version. In the meanwhile, keep up the 1.5.X bugfixes / tweaks versions. My sister just bought a house so I'm spending a lot of free time helping her but hopefully I'll get the ASM done for difficulty settings this weekend or at work later next week. So much to do and so little free time...

RE: RotDS v1.5.4 download - Gi Nattak - 06-04-2016

This is a good plan! 1.6 and hopefully that's where it will stay for some time. I've got another bugfix one on the way actually, but depending when the code is ready it could probably wait, it's nothing major just some more dumb shit that slipped past me, and a good bit more balancing early on... Anyways looking forward to this much, thanks again!

RE: RotDS v1.5.5 download - Gi Nattak - 06-08-2016

Updated hack to v1.5.5 today:


- corrected an issue of wrong palettes on many item animations.
- raised the chance of a successful steal some more.
- re-balanced various monsters/bosses.
- Recharge! (cures KO'd) now gives 1/4th HP back instead of 1/8th.
- Karma Jolt (cures Zombie) now gives 1/8th HP back instead of just 2, which was a mistake.
- swapped in a new song.
- moved location the of the rare Light Dragon monster encounter in the WoR to a desert and made the Jabbrwocky 1/16th rare encounter again in the dino forest.
- removed split damage flag for Meteo, raised damage to compensate.
- tweaked a couple spell costs.
- tweaked the natural magic lists a bit.
- made it so healing items don't go to waste on a dead person. (thanks to m06)
- fixed an issue with the Remedy/Digestol item animation being messed up.
- reverted Break spell animation back to original.

Difficulty choice feature is still in the works for next version hopefully. Hopefully meaning I hope the next version update isn't another emergency bug fix one.

RE: RotDS v1.6 download - Gi Nattak - 08-22-2016

Version 1.6 is out (links on page 1)

Changes include:

- implemented a difficulty selection feature upon new game or new game + each difficulty effects monster stats, character HP & MP growth, seperate experience curves, and monster AI alterations. (thanks and credit to Madsiur)
- re-balanced many monsters as a result of this new difficulty selection.
- alphabetized the Spirit (Rage) menu. (thanks to assassin for the original code)
- replaced the FF7 Boss Theme with a much better version by Jackimus. (thanks and credit to Jackimus)
- fixed a pricing bug with the White Cape.
- fixed an issue with guest characters showing up over Otis sprite in the event of going to Zuriel's Tower.
- fixed a possible boss skip issue in Kefka's Tower, from the original game.
- fixed a bug with True Knight Relic function neglecting the characters that act as monsters. (thanks to a patch by assassin)
- fixed a small NPC issue with the hermit looking to the right for a split second when he should just face down.
- fixed a bad palette for palette 6 characters on the Dream Shrine map (Sealed Gate).
- fixed an NPC who did not do her automated walking script after an event in Jericho (flower girl).
- fixed an issue of Reaper becoming Mr. Grimm in the Dream Shrine Train battle by removing Mr. Grimm from it.
- MP costing weapons now scale based on character level. (thanks and credit to Synchysi)
- nerfed Ronan's Wolf Wind and Ice Blast spells - Ice Blast no longer ignores split damage but is a bit stronger, Wolf Wind damage nerfed a bit.
- replaced a couple songs, and touched up a few.
- raised Havoc skill hit % a bit.
- corrected a couple Spirit (Rage) descriptions.
- changed Catastrophe's regular animation to resemble most of the removed custom Break spell.
- Arc's Talisman relic now protects against Condemned status, & 50% damage reduction from Holy element.
- Holy Amulet now blocks holy element, but weak to poison element.
- Specter dance spell inflicts Condemned status now as well.
- Monster spell Primal Rage inflicts Berserk now instead of Slow.
- re-worked monster palettes, now there are no duplicate/shared monster palettes at all.
- Cloud can now equip heavy armor.
- added nine new monsters: Assassin, Polong, Kelpie, Biter, Mugger, Elder Dragon, Ice Demon, Dark Crystal, Ghostbiker.
- changed a couple treasures inside the Magitek Factory.
- changed a few monster names.
- changed the name of Magi Ring to Oracle Ring.

And please be sure to take a look in the 'extra' folder that is included in the hack package, especially the character artwork & info pages done by James White, for they are incredible and awesome! The rest of the instruction manual that's in the works will be done at a later time.

There was a possible bug reported with FuSoYa's spell list going crazy with the spell % right around the Floating Continent, but I was unable to replicate it after much testing, so I'm just going to release this and should it become a thing I'll get back on that. Please enjoy this awesome update and especially the difficulty selection! Thanks be to James White, Madsiur, and Jackimus for helping out & putting in work for this update! And also Synchysi for sharing some code dealing with the MP costing weapons. Smile

Please keep me/us posted how it goes, I did a bunch of testing but this was a pretty large update.


RE: RotDS v1.6 download - Jackimus - 08-23-2016

rad rad rad rad

havent done a full playthrough in a few versions so i was looking forward to this. sorry my contribution was a little minimal this go around, I seem to have too much on the go to reliably crank out a song every week or two like I used too >_<

RE: RotDS v1.6 download - JWhiteLXXXIX - 08-23-2016

good stuff i aim to get back to work on the book soon

RE: RotDS v1.6 download - Kugawattan - 08-23-2016

- nerfed Ronan's Wolf Wind and Ice Blast spells - Ice Blast no longer ignores split damage but is a bit stronger, Wolf Wind damage nerfed a bit.

Damn I'm so glad I've already done this thing :V

Also, outstanding work with the artwork James! I see you've included a few of the drawings I did too ^^