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RE: RotDS v2.6.6 download - Gi Nattak - 09-28-2021

Hack updated to v2.6.6

- replaced a few songs with better versions.
- corrected some incorrect instrument pitch values.
- added 6 more songs for soundtrack b swaps.

This will be the last update for an undetermined amount of time, but most likely a year or longer - something came up that will require much of my focus and attention for the unforeseen future... but I hope and imagine that someday I'll be resuming work to get this hack to v3.0, as we still have a bunch of ideas and things we were planning to begin working on implementing. But for now, this is it, unless there is a bug that requires fixing or something like that, I just wanted to get this last update out since this latest music work was all done. Anyways, thanks as always for playing!

RE: RotDS v2.6.7 download - Gi Nattak - 10-20-2021

Managed to get a few more things taken care of for another update before aforementioned hiatus:


- fixed a bug with the Starmie/Staryu battle if there is less than four characters in the party, which could happen for the Dream Shrine.
- added Mr. Grimm boss battle to the Dream Shrine.
- made it so you can receive a Dream Stone upon defeating Vegnagun, but only if the party missed the one in Avalon's dream, or visa versa, and/or didn't complete the dream shrine (died and lost that Dream Stone).
- made it possible to leave Kefka's Tower, by pressing 'A' to prompt a dialog box choice at the spot where in the vanilla game the cranes/hooks could take you back, in case the player does not have access to the Warp spell for some reason.
- made a couple instances of battle dialog font red-colored.
- added an NPC to the Crimson Blades' Hideout that explains a game mechanic that another NPC previously explained later in the game.
- added an NPC to Ornyx pub to explain some backstory about the Reptites.
- added a couple of frogs to the ending scene.
- changed a couple shopkeeper sprites.
- fixed a mistake of an absent cymbal instrument in MMX 'Storm Mammoth' song.
- raised the volume of Gudruff's Theme song.
- touched up Rise Above the World song.
- touched up Evergreen Forest song.
- replaced Live A Live - The Birds Fly in the Sky, the Fish Swim in the River with a better version.
- added an optional song-patch for the intro credits/walking-through-snowfield scene.

Happy Halloween!

RE: RotDS v2.7 download - Gi Nattak - 12-14-2021

Updated to version 2.7

- it is now possible to recruit Reaper in the WoB after the Floating Continent rises.
- buffed Reapers' stats a tad and gave him a Vambrace relic.
- updated part of HatZen's 'Guest Adder' code that deals with the coliseum character check.
- made the Big Daddy boss battle in Rogue City 'die like a boss' (crack-boom animation).
- added Oswald (Fraust mayor) to the burning Ornyx map.
- added Oak, Astral, Arvis, and Oswald to the airship back room after the Floating Continent rises.
- gave Kefka separate/different lines of intro battle dialog for the battle events against the Statues right before the WoR starts.
- the snowman sprite is now a better snowman sprite. (thanks/credit to SSJ Rick)
- gave the characters back actions and dialog if you talk to them during the Battle at Fraust, which were removed for dialog space purposes long ago.
- corrected a map tile in Lunaris/Thamasa.
- corrected a misspelling and touched up some dialog during the esper cave event.
- corrected a mistake with opening a certain treasure chest event in Serin's room.
- fixed the snake npc on top of Tyrano Tower from becoming another sprite.
- fixed an inn keeper npc from becoming another sprite overnight.
- fixed a bug with the 'Manual Levels' event command code where "MP gains at level up that surpassed 255 would leave a value in the upper nibble of A that gets inadvertently used in the SwdTech/Blitz learning routines, causing the character to learn certain abilities far earlier than intended." (credit & thanks to Synchysi for the original patch and this fix)
- fixed a bug with the 'Guest Adder' characters where they would swap with the previously recruited character if Shadow (the Heartless) was in the current party, and some other issues.
- fixed an issue with Avalon's Dream where if you bring Guest Adder Astral, if he wasn't in the 4-spot you would have your other two characters without first having to find them. this was accomplished by adding Astral NPCs onto the map like all the other characters have. in order to do this however, the save point sprite/object had to be removed due to exceeding the max npc limit, but you can still save at that spot, which now has a semi-obvious map tile change.

RE: RotDS v2.7 download - Scorcher - 12-16-2021

(12-14-2021, 05:45 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: - it is now possible to recruit Reaper in the WoB after the Floating Continent rises.
- buffed Reapers' stats a tad and gave him a Vambrace relic.

Always appreciate buffs to Reaper, I was surprised by how much I like using Reaper as a party member.

RE: RotDS v2.7.1 download - Gi Nattak - 01-29-2022

First RotDS update of 2022, and a much needed one at that:


- fixed a game-freezing bug on the Floating Continent if you recruited Reaper but did not bring him along to said Floating Continent.
- fixed a game-freezing bug if Eiko was not present/re-recruited at the ending for New Game +.
- fixed a bug with Cloud's Climhazzard Limit where it would become uncharged if he did a regular attack.
- fixed the airship object on the FC from being absent if Reaper was recruited and not brought to the FC.
- fixed a sound effect on the FC that should of been happening about 3 seconds earlier.
- corrected a wrong 'attack look' animation for the Saibamen on Regular difficulty.
- set the 'retarget if target is dead' flag on Tifa's Reels skills: Beat Rush and Water Kick.
- added a small scene for General Leo at the ending character credits.
- the Psionic Wave Aether (Debilitator) now resets the previous imposed weakness upon setting a new one. (credit to Madsiur)
- an equipment flag was coded to protect against Frozen status, which was aptly applied to the Flame Cloak armor. (credit to Madsiur)
- fixed the vanilla bug dealing with Retort (Cloud's Climhazzard skill in this) and having Imp cast on the retortey, causing a counterattack to trigger each time they are hit. LeetSketcher made a patch for this also a while back, but it conflicted majorly with another patch that RotDS uses, HatZen's Forever Runic, and this fix is different in nature that Leet's. (credit to Madsiur)
- panned the sound effects Kefka makes while summoning a monster at the Sealed Gate battle to the right, because it's a back attack and before they panned to the left.
- level averaging returned to Aurora and Cloud after the banquet.
- adjusted the Marshal boss a bit for Insane difficulty.
- Runic no longer absorbs the monster spells: Aerods and Atomic Ray.
- touched up song: RS1 Beat Them Up! yet again, as the trumpets' volume needed to come down a bit.
- added an optional patch 'No Dialog' that removes the dialog outside of battles. (credit to Sir Newton Fig)
- added an optional cheat-patch 'Always Steal' that makes Steal 100% successful and always steal the rare item first, then the common after. (credit to Lufia)

EDIT: So 2.7.2 was just already released because I forgot to include the Reaper fix that I did to the Floating Continent, to another town that has the same max NPC limit. Hopefully that's the last one!

RE: RotDS v2.8 download - Gi Nattak - 03-09-2022

A large update has dropped today!


- Haste, Slow, Safe and Shell, when inflicted by way of a spell, all run on their own respective timers now - the status will be removed after a set amount of time. this effects both characters and monsters. Relics and equipment that apply these statuses do not have a timer however. The timers' lengths are fairly generous, see the 'timer.txt.' in the 'info folder' for specifics. (credit to Madsiur)
- Applied 'Mastered Espers' hack which puts a star icon next an esper name in the esper list if you've 100% learned all the spells it has to teach. (credit to Madsiur)
- put back the item-type names in the item menus that were removed long ago when the item icon expansion was done. (thanks to Madsiur for coding it to allow for more)
- fixed an issue with beneficial Skeans/Scrolls causing Retort to trigger. (thanks to Madsiur for this)
- fixed an issue (mainly with new game +) for characters that join and leave like Mog or Oboro that could equip an Esper and then keep it once they've left - the esper is returned now.
- fixed an issue in Cloud's scenario where you could skip getting the kid's pocket watch back and still progress.
- fixed an issue of the camera being placed wrong sometimes after the 'come into contact with' battles on the Skull Train. Also for the rats on the Opera House rafters.
- fixed a bug with Oboro showing up in the Aerith's flashback battles under a certain circumstance.  
- fixed an issue with Mog's stats in the WoR if you didn't recruit him in the WoB - he would join with his base/starting stats no matter what level he was recruited at, which would most likely be a lot lower than every other character at that point. now he'll have gained the random stats upon level averaging like the other characters in the WoR no matter if you recruited him in the WoB or not, only side effect is he will come with no equipment.
- fixed an issue with Golbez joining in the WoR having his base stats no matter what level he is recruited at, same as the Mog issue basically, but resolved with assembly coding because Golbez needs to reget his equipment (thanks to Madsiur for coding this)
- the Esper (summon spell) 'Terra' is now wind elemental instead of tri-elemental, this way there is an early wind elemental esper to help out with the lack of wind spells, and since there is already a tri-elemental esper that you get later on. (thanks to edgeworth for the idea)
- the Esper Hades (summon spell), is now purely poison elemental instead of Poison/Wind. (thanks again to edgeworth for the idea)
- renamed the Dragon Rod to Serpent Rod. it now does poison elemental damage, procs Plague (Bio) instead of summoning Midgar Zolom, but still summons Midgar Zolom when broken/used as an item. lowered price from 18000 to 13000.
- removed Meteor spell proc from Cloud's Apocalypse sword.
- changed the door that shows up in Fraust Caves once the switch is pressed to be a closed door instead of an already-opened door, and added a small new section to go through.
- changed the tentacles in the engine room to zombie arms. (credit to SSJ Rick)
- added a dwarf sprite/npc. (credit to SSJ Rick)
- fixed a couple dialog caption issues. (thanks to Madsiur for spotting this)
- nerfed the Terrapus monster's magic power.
- corrected octave mistakes for the following songs: FF5 Boss Theme, FF5 The Decisive Battle, FF5 Neo Exdeath, and FF5 Clash on the Big Bridge (thanks to Divine Wiz for spotting these)
- corrected a song name in the music player.
- added an optional song-patch replacement for the battle at Fraust: RPG Maker VX Ace - Battle 4
- added an optional song-patch replacement for the song that plays at THE END screen: Grandia - The Sandy Beach of Ganbo

So now, sometime after this, pending no bugs or oversights, work will begin on the next notable evolution of the hack (v3.0). Although mine as well as others' time is truly limited... so who knows when that will actually start. Anyways enjoy!

RE: RotDS v2.8 download - h.carrell - 03-17-2022

(03-09-2022, 04:49 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: - corrected a song name in the music player.
It seems you forgot to correct that same song name for OST B

RE: RotDS v2.8 download - Gi Nattak - 03-18-2022

Ahh right you are! Thanks, will keep a note of this for the next update whenever it may be. Smile

RE: RotDS v2.8 download - h.carrell - 04-10-2022

I found an oversight here in Jidoor.

RE: RotDS v2.8 download - Gi Nattak - 04-10-2022

(04-10-2022, 03:12 AM)h.carrell Wrote: I found an oversight here in Jidoor.
Surprised Finger Thanks! Will get that taken care of for the next update.