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RE: RotDS v2.4 download - madsiur - 12-25-2020

(12-23-2020, 06:09 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: Having it as a menu option is unfortunately out of the question, has to be by event code.

Plot twist: menu option is very doable, it's a matter of menu space (where to put it) but it isn't that much more difficult to do.

RE: RotDS v2.5 download - Gi Nattak - 02-18-2021

We got a big one here people! 


- fixed a terrible bug that would crash the game when entering the Imperial Castle after the Esper attack and stepping on the Crusher battle trigger. This bug could also cause random level gains if you trigger the Crusher battle pre-Sealed Gate.
- fixed an issue with the custom event command to grant level up for a character where it would not grant the Blitz, Sword Tech, or natural magic if they are to learn it at that level. (thanks to Synchysi for fixing that up)
- fixed an object layering bug in Rogue City (outside) when the lightning happens and your character is moving behind a staircase. this also fixed a bug where the lightning routine would become nonfunctional.
- fixed a bug dealing with one of the kids outside the orphanage being able to pass through objects after talking to the merchant.
- fixed an issue with Avalon's MP not being refilled at the Fraust battle.
- fixed a possible issue of Kefka's speed rolling over (becoming slow af) during the cutscene at the end of the WoB.
- fixed a mistake with the Soultakers in the extended intro having Berserk status.
- fixed a mistake with the Cactoid monster's AI script.
- fixed a quirk with the shock and flame skull bosses' AI script.
- fixed a battle dialog mistake for Ultima Weapon boss battle.
- fixed a broken magicite graphic after beating Vaalsparda.
- fixed a mistake with the Flash Rain spell's animation.
- fixed a bad map tile in WoR Anney Village/Mobliz.
- fixed a case of the Imperial Castle guard that tells you to follow him going through the staircase tiles for a split second due to the 'nibble' not being set to layer 2, which was a vanilla issue.
- fixed a tile for the Sealed Gate bridge tile replacement section where you can fall into the lava, there was one tile that should have had the 'fall in and get burned' event trigger, but did not. this was also a vanilla thing.
- not exactly a fix, but I updated the code for Cloud's Limit skill Climhazzard (Retort) so that it will no longer allow for it to be triggered by using it twice in a row. this was a change in the patch update made a while back by HatZen, but I just found out about it.

Buffs & Nerfs:
- 'half damage from back row' flag changed from 50% less damage to 25%. in other words, skills with that flag set, such as Braver or Fists of Thunder, will do 25% more damage than it was previously while in the back row. (thanks to assassin for providing the code which was used to update the preexisting version by Synchysi)
- added the back row flag to a couple more skills. see the 'back row flagged skills'.txt in the included 'infos.zip' to see exactly which skills are effected by this flag.
- lowered damage of Cloud's Climhazzard Limit from 50 to 18... REASON BEING, before you start hucking rocks at me, is that the updated Retort code comes with a quirk where it makes Retort do a ton of extra damage. so seemingly nerfing it this far down is actually just setting it to about where it was before, albeit a slight nerf in terms of damage due to it now being 'fire and forget', and of course the much faster gauge speed for Limit than Vanilla's Sword Tech. it also has a slightly higher chance to miss, against magic evasion that is. that being said, it's still a strong and viable skill, it was just a bit overpowered for the early game now that it's so abusable.
- nerfed absorb damage from Cloud's Force Steal Limit from 36 to 32.
- raised Tifa's Water Kick damage from 32 to 38.
- raised damage of Serin's Poison Nova Aether from 30 to 36.
- raised damage to Meteor spell from 41 to 46.
- Cloud's starting Might/Vigor stat raised from 35 to 37.
- Avalon's starting Might/Vigor stat raised from 33 to 40 to promote more physical attacks and less Havoc spam (wishful thinking, I know).
- lowered Aurora's starting MP by 6.
- temporary guest character Eldrin joins at a lower level.
- greatly lowered the damage of the Soul Harvest weapon, thus lowering Reaper's damage output with Souls' multiplied damage attacks in mind, which after extensive testing proved to be super imbalanced.
- lowered the damage of the Dream Sphere weapon.
- lowered the first Gilgamesh boss encounter by 2 levels.
- adjusted some monster experience for the 3 scenarios.
- Cloud and Ronan learn their level four skills, Omnislash & Rising Phoenix, at lvl 17 now instead of 18.
- increased the initiation time of Cloud's Limit skill from 10 to 20.
- increased the initiation time of Reaper's Force skill from 40 60.
- increased the initiation time of Summon and Call from 60 to 80.
- increased the initiation time of Otis' Cannon skill from 80 to A0.
- increased the % for additional hits for the Divine Gift (Offering).
- changed up Leo's equipment & stats.

- added a bit more to the 'big ugly plant' event on Mt. Zephyr.
- touched up the battle event with Ronan vs. Kefka at the Imperial Camp.
- touched up some misc. things for the escape from the Imperial Camp.
- disabled sprinting when you first enter the Crimson Blades' hideout to prevent the NPC from possibly going into the wall.
- changed up the tombstone answer & event in the WoR Tomb.
- made it so when you trigger an event that automatically moves your character into a set position, like when first meeting Edgar/Serin and you talk to him from behind for instance, that it ensures that the character's speed is set to 'normal', and not sprinting speed if you were to initiate the event while sprinting, which looked goofy.

Battle stuff:
- changed Arc's Desperation Attack to 'Echo Strike', it no longer uses the Flare Star formula.
- Eiko now has Chocobo Stampede as her Desperation Attack, which instantly kills most any monster(s). (credit to SSJ Rick for the custom chocobo battle gfx)
- replaced the Glacial Mace with 'Cryogen', which is a new type of weapon. (credit to SSJ Rick for the graphic)
- touched up the other/last remaining mace weapon graphic a bit.
- touched up Hawk Cleaver weapon attack palette.
- Runic sword graphic changed and now has a blue glow. (credit to Tsushiy/T-Edition)
- changed around some monster attack animation gfx to make more sense.
- renamed Ronan's Combo 'Ki Blast' to 'Aura Blast'.
- renamed Ronan's Combo 'Guillotine Flash' to 'Hundred Fists'.
- renamed Black Waltzes summon attack to 'Triple Waltz'.
- renamed King Tonberry summon attack to 'Pandemonium'.
- renamed two monsters.

Tweaks & balancing:
- greatly reduced the max amount of time the Morph gauge lasts, somehow it got set to the MAX VALUE of $FF many versions ago...
- increased the size of magic spell name window in field menu to properly fit max character length (8) for the spell 'Levitate'.
- slightly altered the positioning of a couple menu-related characters/symbols.
- tweaked the animation of Serin's Psionic Wave Aether to remove lag.
- re-balanced the 2nd Mr. Grimm fight.
- tweaked the Wario & Evil Mario AI just a tad to be less tedious.
- tweaked the WoR Vaalsparda stats and AI a bit to hopefully make it a more enjoyable battle.
- GoldenFlan is now the normal encounter while Vineshroom is the 1/16 rare encounter in the Serpent Trench caves.
- removed Float status from Gravelord monster.
- a couple WoR monster AI tweaks to help out solo Tifa a bit more.
- final boss Magic power +2.
- Sunbath spell now removes frozen status... not that this will be helpful, but it makes sense!

Quality of Life:
- sped up the time it takes Aurora to cast her spell in the Terra & Kefka flashback near the beginning of the game.
- made it so Angelo's dreams in the Developers' House (WoB) branch to a different dialog after the 4th dream, until you leave and come back, to prevent unintentionally watching the first one over again.
- the difficulty can now be changed mid-game by talking to Lord Envoy's NPC inside the Developers' House.
- Crusher in Ornyx beams out the party members quicker.
- made Griever block poison status so he won't take a bunch of unnecessary 0 damage tics.
- made it so you can see Oboro's dreams in WoR Lunaris, which before you could not.
- granted Cloud another +1 level at the start of his scenario, so that's now +2 bonus levels he did not used to have - after much testing this seems like a good move, as Cloud being absent for the rafting trip combined with his scenario lacking exp. really hinders his level. he should now be at least on par or slightly ahead of the average level for the Fraust battle, without having to do any extra grinding beforehand.
- expanded esper descriptions to allow for the attack name to be displayed.
- allowed Cloud's Limit skill to work if he has the Thief Knife equipped.

- relocated Mist Castle to be much farther down by the Imperial Camp, by a river, because it has to be in order for the Kefka poisoning event to make any sense lol. it is now "strategically surrounded by both water and mountains". I figure the peninsula where the castle used to reside can now officially be where the 'Kingdom of Agartha' was, before it was destroyed by the Empire.
- removed the 'heat wave' effect from the map in the Underworld (Cave to the Sealed Gate) with the lava you can fall into. This was a change I made super long ago, but I've come to realize it was not a good change.

- edited all the character names during the ending credits scene. (thanks to Madsiur's research & document on it years ago)
- replaced the Paladin Icon treasure in the Crimson Blades' Hideout for Scrap Metal, now the vendor there sells it instead.
- replaced the White Cape treasure on the Skull Train with something else. Both this relic and the previously mentioned one was too abundant when both sold and found as treasure so early.
- gave the Coliseum an official name: Shark's Teeth Coliseum.
- made the overworld tile for the Coliseum the same as the Opera House, instead of a damn house.
- changed a few of the monster special attack animations back to normal range values to prevent potential bugs.
- changed the sprite of the lady who sells the satin dress to something a bit more eye-catching.
- added the word 'uncontrollable' to the Frenzy spells' description.
- gave Otis back the use of the Cutlass sword, because he's a pirate (arr!).
- put the Dream Sphere weapon in a chest to find instead of purely a steal or coliseum bet.
- a whole bunch of dialog additions & touching-up per usual.
- renamed 'Whirlwind Cut' back to Wind Slash.
- kept the song playing uninterrupted for the Leo vs. Kefka battle event, before it would cut to the Empire song.
- changed Ted Woolsey's end credit title from 'Translator' to 'Submariner'.

- fixed a mistake in the song: SoM - The Wind Never Ceases.
- touched up a couple songs: Guile's Theme and Vega's Theme.
- touched up the Power Rangers, Stage 1 (ending song).
- adjusted Lufia - Wave of Evil's volume levels and more reverb.

- applied 'Imp's Map' patch which shows an Imped/Piged character as the actual imp/pig sprite on the overworld map, and included as an optional patch is the other half of it that displays the Pig status on area maps as well, but since it currently has a palette issue to work out, and because it can potentially take away from the sincerity of events, it is optional for now. (credit to C-Dude and Serity)
- re-applied the 255 hour patch by Leviathan Mist, as it no longer effects Step Mine's MP cost.
- added a Final Fantasy Tactics chocobo sprite patch into the 'extras' folder, which includes Mode 7 compressed gfx. (credit to SSJ Rick, and FFRK for the original sprite which was edited/reworked by SSJ Rick for FF6)

- added 3 more alternate character sprite patches in the 'extras' folder: 'Apple Knight Arc', 'Defender Heartless', and 'Mist Demon Avalon'. (credit to James White for their respective sprites & portraits)

- added another optional song patch to the 'extras' folder: Kirby Super Star - Trees in the Depths of the Earth.

- added an optional patch: Morph Mayhem, which is a patch made by Leet Sketcher, but it more or less conflicts with another patch: Resilient Morph by HatZen. MM's intent is to provide a fix for the notorious 'permanent-morph' exploit, which it does perfectly as a stand-alone patch, but not when Resilient Morph is applied. Madsiur managed to fix one of the glaring bugs that needed addressing, but sadly there are still a couple issues left which are listed in the included readme. hopefully someday it can get 100% working and implemented into the core hack, but for now will be optional for any who wish to help prevent the perma-Morph bug and don't mind a visual side effect with the ATB gauge. (credit to Leet Sketcher for the original patch, and to Madsiur for getting one of the bugs fixed for it to work with Resilient Morph/RotDS)

- added an optional patch: Row Modifier, which changes both the physical damage given (Fight) and received in the back row from 50% less to 25%. this is the same sort of deal as the 'half damage from back row' change to skills this version. I wasn't sure about implementing it to this degree, so I left this as optional.  (credit to assassin for the original code)

RE: RotDS v2.6 download - Gi Nattak - 02-26-2021

Update to 2.6 (already):

- fixed a mistake where if the 'cursed clock' in the back house in Rogue City is triggered, or/also if one should fail at the Quizmaster NPC, the current party members all got Dog Block status.
- fixed an issue with a song being switched to another song when it's not supposed to, on the Cliff of Despair if a certain professor is not saved.
- fixed an issue where Oboro would remain in bed once saved in the WoR if the player leaves the town from an exit accessible only after defeating JCE3000GT, this would also cause Oboro to be at the coliseum but not trigger the event to recruit him afterwards.
- changed the aforementioned 'cursed clock' so that it only effects the lead character instead of the entire party.
- changed the aforementioned Quizmaster so that if the player fails, the party is blinded/poisoned/piged, instead of zombied.
- made it so the WoB coliseum is not accessible until getting the airship, due to the bridge being destroyed by an earthquake. (thanks to ScarabEnigma for the idea - I kept it plain and simple for now, more was suggested than what I wound up doing.)
- Runic and Climhazzard (Retort) are cleared/removed after KO'd status. (thanks and credit to C-Dude)
- Moblin monster AI tweaked so it has a chance to use Energy Net on it's third turn, instead of second.
- Ultros 2 (@ Opera) magic power -1.
- Ramuh (esper) now teaches Cura at x2.
- Terra (esper) Cure at x5, up from x3.
- Tifa learns Cura at level 21 and Stop at level 25 now; before it was Stop at level 22 and Cura at level 25.
- renamed Ronan's Combo attack, Fists of Thunder, to 'Thunder Fist'. Pummel
- renamed Ronan's Combo attack, Wolf Wind Attack, to 'Whirlwind Cut'.
- re-edited the 'special thanks' ending credits.
- re-colored Leo's skin colors to use darker tones to appear more like he is supposed to be/match his portrait. (thanks to SSJ Rick for touching it up)
- added preview images to all the optional sprite patches in the extras folder.

IMPORTANT!: The event bit that I used for the coliseum bridge is set right after escaping the Magitek Factory, so if you are currently on v2.5 and have already gotten past that section of the game, updating to v2.6 using the same save data will result in the bridge being broken with no way to visit the WoB coliseum.

RE: RotDS v2.6.1 download - Gi Nattak - 03-10-2021

v2.6.1 update:

- corrected a mistake for Ramuh's spell list - somehow the Cura x2 change did not actually make it in for v2.6.
- corrected a mistake for Spiky Tiger's spell list also.
- corrected a capitalization mistake in Ronan's Thunder Fist description.
- Cloud's level 8 Limit Break attained at level 68 instead of 70. seemingly insignificant change, I know.
- Meteo spell now does the animation just once, but behaves like FFV and still dishes out the 4x damage in quick succession. (thanks and credit to C-Dude)
- new original sprite for Roxanne. also touched up the Valkyrie and Lamia sprites. (credit to SSJ Rick)
- added a bit more polish to CT Singing Mountain song.
- the 'basic nATB patch' (in the extras folder) now displays "nATB" respectively in the Config menu instead of "Active" & "Wait".

RE: RotDS v2.6.1 download - madsiur - 03-10-2021

(03-10-2021, 08:17 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: v2.6.1

What kind of alternate reality am I in? A minor version update!

RE: RotDS v2.6.1 download - luizfilipekz - 03-11-2021

Do you have The Cloud and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII or do you have more characters from Final Fantasy VII?

RE: RotDS v2.6.1 download - Gi Nattak - 03-12-2021

(03-11-2021, 11:06 PM)luizfilipekz Wrote: Do you have The Cloud and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII or do you have more characters from Final Fantasy VII?

Yes, Cloud and Tifa are the only two playable characters from FF7; there is another that is an NPC.

RE: RotDS v2.6.3 download - Gi Nattak - 04-02-2021

Hack updated to v2.6.3:

- fixed a self-caused blunder where at the end of the WoB the game would seemingly give the player some of the best items in the game, which was caused by equipping the '3 Scenarios' Moogle with them and not remembering an important detail regarding doing that.
- updated song: 'FF4 Somewhere in the World' with a better version.
- updated song: 'FF4 The Paladin' with a better version.
- maticulously touched up dozens of songs again, correcting more awkward note-length issues caused by the midi to mml converter, and adding subtle details.
- corrected a song name in the Music Player for 'Soundtrack B'.
- added an optional song patch to the 'extras' folder: 'Magic Sword - At Drokmar's Gate', which replaces the title screen start-up song.
- changed monster name: Reptites to Reptite (dropped the 's').
- swapped Cloud and Serin's roles/actions for the 1st time meeting Oboro event in the Pub, as it makes more sense. (thanks to SSJ Rick for the idea)

I neglected to post about the v2.6.2 update... it was a very small one, but here's what was changed for that:


- fixed a mistake where the Fireball spell's description was absent.
- added "Recommended for New Game +" dialog for 'Insane' difficulty, when choosing the difficulty at the start of the the game.

RE: RotDS v2.6.4 download - Gi Nattak - 05-08-2021

Updated to v2.6.4:

- put in a new Lizardman sprite to accompany the pre-existing Reptites. (credit to SSJ Rick for the sprite)
- Reptite sprite expanded to add more poses. (credit to SSJ Rick for the sprite)
- changed Asmodeus's sprite from a dragon to an actual snake/cobra, to match the monster sprite. (credit to SSJ Rick for the sprite)
- changed the palette of the Storm Dragon npc/object to black, to match its monster sprite.
- removed buying Bahamut Magicite from the npc at the entrance of the Tyrano Tower, it is now received after beating Azala & Asmodeus.
- fixed a bug where the JCE3000GT monster npc/object would become discolored after a scene with Eiko and Fusoya.
- corrected a mistake of having the WoB battle music for a certain WoR encounter.
- a whole bunch more song touch ups.
- swapped out a song, Chrono Cross - Orphanage of Flame, with F-Zero - Fire Field.

RE: RotDS v2.6.5 download - Gi Nattak - 06-29-2021

Hack updated to v2.6.5

- fixed an issue where Reaper could not be revived once dead if he used a Souls skill that had undead status. (thanks to Serity)
- corrected a mistake of the Doomkaiser dragon having the wrong battle background for the Dream Shrine.
- corrected a pixel for the Reptite sprite.
- removed the subroutine that made Mt. Etlich extra dark.
- fixed a grammar instance of your to you're.
- updated song: 'Mario Paint - Creative Exercise/Pushups' with a better version.
- thoroughly touched-up many songs.
- added another optional song patch: Xenogears - June Mermaid.