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RE: RotDS download - Gi Nattak - 02-22-2015

it was patched on a ROM without a header then. Needs to be a Headered ROM. Really though, in 2 weeks or earlier possibly the latest 1.3 version will be ready so I'd advise waiting if possible. It is a huge update. And at that time if you don't get the headered ROM thing figured out I'd be happy to 'assist' you further to get up and running.

RE: RotDS download - Gi Nattak - 05-25-2015

So version 1.3 is ready to go, get it here:

This time I've included patches for both header and headerless ROMs, so hopefully that will prevent many issues getting it to patch right...
Have fun and keep the feedback coming please!

- Huge thanks to James White this time around for all the portrait work, sprite work (espers and some NPC sprites - see readme) including the new map objects. Also for helping with testing.
- Also huge thanks to Jackimus for the quality music hacks he created and hacked in himself! (Again, see readme for exact song credits).
- And as usual thanks to Madsiur for assembly work and Poco Loco for sprite work.

As always if anyone is having issues getting the hack to patch right, contact me.

RE: RotDS 1.3 download - Tenkarider - 05-25-2015

Nerfed final bosses again?? TT_TT

Btw i was waiting for 1.3 version...
PS. what are the benefits of doing new game +?

RE: RotDS 1.3 download - Gi Nattak - 05-25-2015

Yeah lol, that ending battle sequence was just over-the-top crazy-tough, it had to happen. And other balance issues across the board as well.

I'm glad you waited until now to play, this version really does feel much more worthy imo than the previous installments. But that's what updates are all about I suppose!

Nothing special in terms of doing a New Game + that comes to mind, I did add a relic that prevents all random encounters for the New Game + option at the end of the game, which is something I guess. Although this same Relic can be won as a prize by beating the Dream Shrine boss medley in the WoR... But there's two chances to do NG+ you see, one from a particular NPC in the WoR if you have a certain Rare item, and then the one at the end of the game. But besides that nothing really special besides the main point of the NG+, which is that you will get to keep all your regular items, espers and magics learned, but everything else will be reset.

RE: RotDS v1.3 download - Gi Nattak - 05-25-2015

Ah crap... I just noticed a blunder on my part with some wrong items given to the party at the start if the extended intro was chosen...forgot to update that when I changed the item in question to something else recently. Well, actually I didn't exactly forget to change it, I did for the no extended intro, but forgot to do it for the extended intro... Anyway please re-download if you already downloaded version 1.3 earlier today, it's been fixed. Thanks and sorry!

RE: RotDS v1.3 download - Gi Nattak - 05-25-2015

Again a blunder on my part... I broke an NPC event in Mobliz, it was reported today. Please re-download the hack again if you already did, thank you.

RE: RotDS v1.3 download - Mac68 3000 - 06-05-2015


is the airship bug fixed in this newer version of this mod

RE: RotDS v1.3 download - Gi Nattak - 06-05-2015

What do you think? PLEASE refrain from asking these kind of pointless questions if you're going to post here. Of course I fixed up any reported bugs for this latest version that were reported in previous installments. Also that "bug" seemed to be caused by an old or outside-source save state, or something, it was never reported by anyone else except that one person and I could never re-create it on my side. Is it happening to you? Why would you ask this question? Play the game and see for yourself, right? What difference does it make by asking this question other than to annoy me.

RE: RotDS v1.3 download - Lockirby2 - 06-05-2015

I think he meant the airship bug (from vanilla) that allows you to access the airship at the wrong points in the game.

That being said, his post is still not validated in any way.

RE: RotDS v1.3 download - Gi Nattak - 06-05-2015

I think/thought he was referring to this thread here where his alt name coffee98 posted basically the same thing as here: