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RE: RotDS v2.1 download - Mac68 3000 - 06-18-2020

hey MIkee

can you create me that ff6 original kekfa theme patch for your mod please

RE: RotDS v2.1 download - Gi Nattak - 06-18-2020

Yes I told you over discord I will add that patch to the extras folder next time I upload it. In fact if you re-download the hack package again now you should see it there in the extras folder > song replacements, called: 'OG Kefka themes'. You will have to re-patch the main RotDS 2.1 patch again first.

RE: RotDS v1.8.3 download - Schrodinger2 - 08-05-2020

(08-23-2019, 01:56 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: The fellow wrote me back, I'm not entirely sure what he's talking about as I've no experience with SNES Mini, but here's what he said he did:

"Ok so RotDS and Chrono FoE both work using the following cores that are obtained from the KMFD's mod hub (not the store)

Retro arch Extreme 175
Snes 9x 2005 Plus

These 2 cores are experimental but they are literally the only combo that allows me to play the game with perfect video and audio even the custom tracks in RotDS!"

I'm not familiar at all with changing the core emulator let alone understand it, I can ask him to elaborate on the process if need be.

I tried a few different things to get RotDS running on my SNES mini console and nothing worked.  I couldn't get the title screen to come up or anything.  Finally, I stumbled upon the Patton Plays YouTube channel, where Patton got BS Zelda running on the SNES mini by changing the emulator.  After some more digging though some of his video tutorials, I found what I was looking for and recalled the fellow that you mentioned who got this running.  I finally understand what the message from this contact of yours means.

The easiest way to do this is to migrate over to Hakchi CE.  The original version of Hakchi can do it, but you need to change things in the command line, and even though I did it just like Patton, it never worked for me.  In the following video Patton walks through how to either download Hakchi CE and get it running.  Or, if you have already used the original Hakchi, Hakchi2, how to revert stock and then change over to Hakchi CE.


Once this is done you will need to go to the go to Modules tab and then the KMFD mod store.  Once there, go to the KMFD RetroArch tab and download the latest version of RetroArch EXtreme.  I chose the 184 Ozone one, since it says that it focuses on stability and latency.  Once you do that you will need to get a core to work with it.  Following the suggestion from the fellow above, I went to the KMFD Cores tab and got the SNES 9x2005 plus core and downloaded that.  Now from the Hakchi main menu go to the Modules tab and select Install extra modules to flash those to your SNES mini. 

Load up your patched RotDS ROM on your SNES mini, as Patton walks you through in the video.  Now right click on the selected game and you can select to change the emulation core to SNES 9x2005 plus.  After you choose this you can click on View to sort the games by core to see that it did actually work.  By default any game that you add will use the Canoe emulator, which doesn't work for RotDS.

I ended up getting RotDS ver 2.0 working on the SNES mini, using this method.  For all of the BS Zelda games I did the same thing just with the SNES 9x2005 module, rather than the plus module, since Patton got them to run on that module.  On the NES classic I had issues with a couple of Zelda ROM Hacks running: Zelda - the Legend of Link and Legend of Zelda Challenge Outlands - Zed Edition.  I went through the same method with by downloading Retroarch Extreme 184 Ozone, but instead of the SNES 9x2005 (or plus) I downloaded the Nestopia core.  Those now work too.

All of the Metroid ROM Hacks on the NES mini worked on the default emulator and core (Canoe).  Also, the Super Metroid ROM Hacks all worked on the SNES mini with the default emulator and core.  It was just some of the Zelda games on each and RotDS on the SNES Mini.  Hopefully this will help others trying to play this game on the SNES Mini.  I can't wait to go through this ROM Hack.  It looks really cool.  But, the title screen comes up and everything looks and sounds great going through the intro.

RE: RotDS v2.2 download - Gi Nattak - 08-18-2020

Updated to v2.2:

- fixed a crash with the Coliseum vs. screen for a couple monster matchups.
- fixed a seemingly random bug with overworld chocobo-riding Mode 7 flashing like crazy.
- fixed a possible text string issue when shopping.
- fixed a few more pesky item pricing bugs, where the item description being too long caused the price to bug out in the shop menu.
- fixed a possible bad visual party merge during the Floating Continent events.
- fixed a bad patch (Sir Astral Died...) that caused the game to crash in battle.

- made it so both Arc's Runic & Cloud's Climhazzard Limit stay charged/"stick", so the player can continue to do other attacks afterwards. the skills however will not trigger if it's a monster counterattacking them, as opposed to a regular scripted attack. they of course become cleared after being triggered, meaning you'll need to re-issue the skill again. (credit to HatZen for his original patch documentation from 'Runic Forever')

- Dog Counter status now counters with just one possible attack, instead of the previous 50/50 chance of two different ones. I did this so Arc could easily get his own Desperation Attack using one of the dog counter spell slots. Dog Counter attack is now called 'Fang Rush'.

- Arc's desperation attack is called 'Chocobuckle', it uses the Flare Star formula (level * spell strength determines damage) and causes confusion status. it uses the vanilla Chocobop animation that's been going unused all this time.

- filled in a missing/transparent pixel on the Sephiroth Statue (map) sprite.
- removed (for now at least) the version number from the splash screen so it doesn't need to be updated for each future update.

- added a bunch more instruments. (credit to emberling for ripping them and a few custom-made ones)
- replaced Wild Arms - Zed's Theme with a better version. (credit to emberling and A Tiny Spook)
- replaced my version of 'A Painful Death at the Hands of a Psycho' from Live A Live song with a better version. (credit to emberling)
- swapped a few more 'soundtrack b' songs with emberling's masterful works.
- touched up some other songs as well and swapped in a new soundtrack b one for Cloud's intro and Mt. Zephyr.

Misc. changes & balancing:
- gave Eiko the use of Carbuncle esper.
- swapped back in the Frenzy Band Relic, now called the 'Wrath Band', for what was the Seraph Charm.
- changed how a couple top-tier Relics are attained.
- the Statues upon death now give 100 Magic Points each.
- sped up the overall animation of Psycho Blade/Forsaken a tad.
- Anima esper summon animation was changed back to vanilla-ish, but edited accordingly for the different sprite size.
- made it so Namingway first asks if you would like to change a party member's name before initiating the process.
- small event edit towards the start of the game. (thanks to SSJ Rick for the idea)
- balanced more monsters' stats and resistances from received feedback.
- re-balanced some character equipment, mostly late-game, nothing drastic mind you.
- increased the cost of Meteo from 224 to 250.
- buffed Poison Nova Aether damage by 25%
- Psycho Blade now has a 50% chance to inflict Dark or Berserk, but not both at the same time (nerf), and cut the spell power back from 52 to 46.
- nerfed the monster spell 'Toxic Bomb' to 50% HP cut, from 75%.
- nerfed the spell 'Gravity' to 75% HP cut, from 90%.
- added a patch 'suits removed' to the extras folder that removes the suit-changing armor graphics in battle, in case that becomes annoying. Just the graphic change itself, not the actual armors.

- added a brief disclaimer upon starting a 'New Game'.

RE: RotDS v2.2 download - Gi Nattak - 08-20-2020

Update: I made a goof where there was a possible freeze in the developers' house, it has been corrected and re-uploaded. Thank you, this concludes my report.

RE: RotDS v2.3 download - Gi Nattak - 09-25-2020

Not the largest of updates this time around, but important nonetheless!


- Otis can now only equip spears, guns and the unique anchors; no more swords. the main reason for this change is because with certain swords + Jump and the Dragon Horn + Moon Pearl relic combo he could do a ridiculous amount of damage per Jump, especially to dragon-types with the Dragonslayer sword. the other reason being that it fits his Dragoon role more obviously, as Dragoons don't wield swords... well they don't normally wield guns and anchors either, but I digress. his class name was changed as well from Swashbuckler to Dragoon.

- corrected a bunch of song tracks that should of had proper triplets, but instead had a slightly different length which would result in somewhat of a "stutter", all because of the tinymm midi>mml utility having an issue where it can't understand triplets and spits out some garbage instead. Besides that a bunch of songs were touched up yet again.

- fixed the Scholar NPC in the developers' house from bugging out if you talk to Namingway.

- fixed a self-caused background-scrolling glitch on the floating continent destruction sequence if the time runs out and the character was sprinting.

- added a save point at the start of the floating continent destruction sequence. It will disappear after about 38 seconds to help prevent the player from soft-locking their game by saving under a certain amount of time to escape.

- changed two of the set encounter triggers for the floating continent destruction sequence.

- lessoned the encounter rate from 'more' to 'normal' for the floating continent destruction sequence.

- fixed a small visual bug with the Doomtrain Magicite starting out as a female NPC for a fraction of a second.

- a couple monster balancing and AI tweaks.

- added a new soldier NPC to Cloud's scenario, and edited a couple other soldier dialogs towards him.

- applied Allergic Dog Fix patch to prevent Oboro (or Eiko) from loosing dog block status if an auto-float relic was equipped, then unequipped (the actual bug happens on the latter). (credit to Novalia Spirit)

9/29/2020 UPDATE!:
I re-uploaded v2.3 to correct two very small mistakes that stemmed from the previous release the other day, It's really not a big deal though, I just accidentally broke one instrument for a 'soundtrack b' song, and also forgot to update a boss music in the Dream Shrine to the correct one.

RE: RotDS v2.4 download - Gi Nattak - 11-24-2020

Hack updated to version 2.4! Victory

- fixed the palette of the button/switch sprites during the heartless' ending scene to make them actually look like they should.
- fixed a miscoloring on the 'Grunt' monster sprite.
- fixed a minor bug of being able to control Cloud a bit too soon after the first opera scene, thus allowing him to move into the railing.
- fixed the chocobo stable man sprite from being a different sprite for a fraction of a second upon entering.
- put an exclamation mark after the generic 'Received "item' dialog box, and corrected other instances where the punctuation mark was put before the ending quotation mark.
- touched up some other various dialog.
- touched up the Esper Caves map outside palette, as well as the corresponding battle background.
- elaborated a bit more on Avalon's backstory when talking to Reaper.
- added the sunset coloring for the event that shows the floating continent rising above Sunfall City.
- added a save point to the inside of Mist Castle.
- added a dialog box in the beginning of the game that explains 'sprinting by holding the 'B' button'.
- added another treasure chest to Mt. Zephyr which involves a new path and NPC of sorts.
- added an additional reward for beating the RPS Kid npc 5 times in a row.
- added a few new interesting NPCs, such as a 'Quizmaster', an Insanity Pepper salesman, a fortune teller, and a bunch more custom shopkeepers. (credit to James White for the sprites)
- the group of NPCs in Skorne's Cave are now officially mercenaries that when prompted will offer to clear out all the monsters (random encounters), for a price.
- made it so the sky turns back to normal in the new esper town after defeating the Dark Crystal, instead of Shenron.
- the backroom in the Developers' House now requires a level of 60 or higher (all current party members) to enter, still only in the WoR. (credit to Madsiur for the level check code)
- touched up the event before fighting Raditz ever so slightly.
- gave the Sunfall City NPCs new dialog after the floating continent rises in the WoB. Also did this for some select NPCs in other towns.
- changed a town name... last time, promise! *crosses fingers*
- swapped two 'soundtrack b' songs out for different ones.
- added a couple more optional song swap patches into the 'extras folder'.
- the usual touching up of various songs.
- stats balancing for a few select bosses.
- used Imp Skimp patch by Leet Sketcher with fixing by SilentEnigma.
- upgraded to v1.1 of Description Disruption Fix (fixes a small bug).
- added 3 more alternate character sprite patches in the 'extras' folder: 'Cowgirl Tifa', 'Engineer Serin', and 'Buccaneer Otis'. (credit to James White for their respective sprites & portraits)

RE: RotDS v2.4 download - madsiur - 11-24-2020

Is the Quizmaster inspired by my Old Sage?

RE: RotDS v2.4 download - Gi Nattak - 11-24-2020

I definitely remembered that and drew some inspiration from him yes! Basically I just have 5 questions given with 3 multiple answers each, about backstory and locations of the RotDS world, and if you get all 5 right he grants you a level. Then vanishes forever, at least for now lol. Maybe he can show up again in the WoR someday. Smile

RE: RotDS v2.4 download - break - 11-25-2020

Awesome, was looking to play this hack again over the holidays !
Very large change log, since the last time I have tackled this game.
Again, much respect to you and your team for your continued work on the project.
Hope you all stay safe and are able to have a nice break.