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RE: RotDS v1.8.3 download - Gi Nattak - 09-11-2019

The ROM itself had to be expanded to 8MB, but it will work the same as it was at 6MB as both are Ex Hi-ROM. One thing I noticed that's strange is 7E0000-7FFFFF seems to be a dead zone with 8MB ROM, nothing that I put there seems to work.
Also I'll note here I fixed up an issue with the hack playing on cell phone and psp emulators, which I previously fixed a long time ago but then re-****ed it up lol.

RE: RotDS v1.8.3 download - Subtraction - 09-14-2019

(09-11-2019, 02:39 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: The ROM itself had to be expanded to 8MB, but it will work the same as it was at 6MB as both are Ex Hi-ROM. One thing I noticed that's strange is 7E0000-7FFFFF seems to be a dead zone with 8MB ROM, nothing that I put there seems to work.

Yes, in Ex Hi-ROM, ROM offsets 7E0000–7FFFFF would be mapped to banks 7E and 7F, but in the SNES banks 7E and 7F are always mapped to RAM, so you can't access the full 8MB of ROM. However, the top halves of banks 00–3F mirror the top halves of banks 40–7F. So, you should be able to access offsets 7E8000–7EFFFF and 7F8000–7FFFF by looking in the top halves of banks 3E and 3F (that is, addresses 3E8000–3EFFF and 3F8000–3FFFFF).  [Image: file.php?id=6632&sid=faa8ac0af26e7cb8631...&mode=view]

RE: RotDS v2.0 download - Gi Nattak - 01-31-2020

Version 2.0 of Return of the Dark Sorcerer has been released! Frog

Many aspects have been meticulously worked on since the last release almost two years ago, such as: sprites (character, monster/esper, and NPCs), character portraits, events, coding & gameplay changes, music, dialog, balancing, and bug fixes.

If you've been holding off on playing RotDS, or are a return player, this latest version promises to entertain and is easily the best this amalgamation of a mod has ever looked, played, and read. Please take a look at the updated change log and readme for more details and well deserved credits.

Thanks to all who were involved with this mammoth update, and we hope you have fun and keep us posted with feedback or any issues that may arise.  Kappa!

RE: RotDS v2.0 download - Mac68 3000 - 02-01-2020

Hey Mikee

can you add my name to the credits please, since i did beta playthroughs of your mod

and you did a really great job on this mod, keep up the great work

RE: RotDS v2.0 download - Gi Nattak - 02-02-2020

Hi Mac, I will consider doing this for the next (small) update, but I must say that the reason I didn't add your name is because you did your beta playthrough with various cheats enabled, and you did not test many areas of the game and went to Kefka's Tower with just 3 people as fast as possible... And while I understand why you use cheats, this is not the best practice when beta testing. Honestly I more or less had you play the beta just to try and make you happy and stop asking about when it's gonna come out and why it takes so long lol.

I can add your name because it's just a trivial matter, but it wouldn't be that fair to the other testers who did not cheat and race through the game, and again honestly I'd rather not. But I do appreciate very much your enthusiasm for the hack and willingness to play! Smile

RE: RotDS v2.0.1 download - Gi Nattak - 02-07-2020

To celebrate the one week anniversary of v2.0 being released, here's an update to v2.0.1! Frog
Seriously there were a couple pretty bad issues that I couldn't wait around for more reports and feedback to address...


- fixed a bad issue with a boss not doing its death sequence upon death, and possibly other bosses or battle event related things, caused by an AI bug. might have just affected Extreme difficulty, but not sure.
- fixed an issue with lag in the rich man's house.
- fixed an issue with Cloud not showing up in shop menu's while donning the dress.
- fixed the 'unrestricted esper' patch in the extras folder back to working as it should.
- fixed an issue with the 'alt. window backgrounds' patch where it could break dialog.
- fixed a possible audio glitch for a few select songs on soundtrack b.
- fixed a couple mispeling instances of Eldrin's name.
- fixed an instance of an NPC calling Rogue City 'Zozo'.
- gave Cloud +1 level at the start of his scenario.
- updated a couple NPC dialogs during Cloud's scenario.
- added a less subtle hint for reaching the basement of the rich man's house for new players.
- removed the possibility of re-catching the fish (rare item) after leaving Solitary Island.
- prinny (monster) no longer blocks sleep status (lol).

RE: RotDS v2.0.1 download - Gi Nattak - 02-08-2020

Version 1.0.1 who? Make way for v1.0.2!

As much as I hate to make two updates to the hack in one day...Golbez needs to be stronger!
While watching Fathlo23 stream, I saw that Golbez was fairly underwhelming, and I guess it's because I nerfed his +levels at joining from +5 to +2... so I just put it back to +5 levels and hopefully that will do it again.

So sorry for the double update, but it's better for me to just get this out of the way.

EDIT: 2.0.3 is out today...yeah. Had to take care of something that was beginning to urk me:


- drastically culled which characters could equip what 'suit' armor(s). The suits are now more fitting to the characters' persona & size and should be seen/used less overall.
- removed the flashing animaiton from Ultima spell, reverting it back to the blue background effect.

RE: RotDS v2.0.3 download - LordSutebenu - 02-08-2020

two things to say:

1. A very minor thing but when the King is talking in Mist Castle, it should be "I cannot bear this" you have 'bare' here.

2. *sort of spoilery but not really* I love Ace's tail wag

RE: RotDS v2.0.3 download - Mac68 3000 - 02-08-2020

I love this mod alot

I enjoy playing it alot as well

RE: RotDS v2.0.3 download - Gi Nattak - 02-09-2020

Version 2.0.3 be damned! Turns out it was cursed...

Updated to v2.0.4:

- Fixed an unforgivable event freeze at the start of the burning house event. (credit to Gi Nattak for causing it)
- Fixed a typo. ('bare' to 'bear', thanks Sutebenu!)
- Added an alternate Tifa sprite patch to the 'extras' folder. (credit to ScarabEnigma)