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RotDS v2.8 download - Gi Nattak - 10-31-2014

[Image: splash.png]


[Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:18.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:19.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:20.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:27.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:21.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:22.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:28.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:23.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:24.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:29.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:25.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:gallery:26.png]

RE: RotDS download - lushifah - 11-06-2014

The 1.1 pacht isn´t working for me, i´ve got and FF III 1.0 USA ROM, needed to add header, used SNESuff cuz SNESTool dont work on Windows 7, and game didnt work.

RE: RotDS download - Gi Nattak - 11-06-2014

You must have failed with the patching somehow, I never used SNEStuff so I'm not sure how, patch works fine though. I've heard tush works good: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/608/

Anyways there is a link to the pre-patched one on the rotds site in the thread, it's the same link as before.

RE: RotDS download - Synchysi - 11-06-2014

I use SNEStuff to add or remove headers, and I've never had an issue with it.

RE: RotDS download - Gi Nattak - 11-06-2014

Had a small hiccup with the Genji Glove behavior for the newly released 1.1 version. It has been fixed and the patch re-uploaded. I'd advise those who downloaded 1.1 to please download it again. It's the same link and version, just with that fix. So to repeat, please download and/or patch 1.1 again, thanks!

RE: RotDS download - lushifah - 11-11-2014

Okay, i really cant get the patching to work properly, really.

RE: RotDS download - Cecil81067 - 11-15-2014

This link isn't updated to reflect you recent fixes with the genji glove. Can we get an update?

RE: RotDS download - Gi Nattak - 11-15-2014

I think it should be updated here actually, the patch is from 11-11-14, and the issue was resolved 5 days ago and was uploaded to the database. You've tried the patch since since the last few days?

RE: RotDS download - Cecil81067 - 11-15-2014

Everytime I download it its still the same patch with the same problem. I can't seem to get the updated patch from this link.

RE: RotDS download - Blue Mage Gab - 02-22-2015

I know I'm bumping this but I need some help. I have successfully patched the IPS Patch onto a ROM and the game has a good start but when a battle activates, the screen turns black and the battle screen would never appear again.(In a few words, I suspect that the game frozen at that moment.)