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RE: Submission - Gi Nattak - 11-11-2017

(11-11-2017, 02:57 PM)LoneRedMage Wrote: Since in this period i'm working hard on the music hacking, here there are some new songs along with some revisions!

Praying Hands - Castlevania 2 Belmont's Revenge (Final Version)
Changes: The piano instrument was replaced with a Pipe Organ.

Lavender Town - Pokemon FireRed (Final Version)
Changes: Snare drums were added and most instruments were replaced in order to make the song spookier.

Lazy Afternoon - Kingdom Hearts 2

Rising - Castlevania 3 

Bloody Tears - Castlevania Legends (GB)

Battle Theme - Romancing Saga 2

Boss Battle - Romancing Saga 3

Nice to see you're back at it! I'm going to offer some feedback again hope you don't mind, I can't help it...

Lazy Afternoon - I'd recommend using some vibrato when flutes are involved, when needed. This song could also benefit from volume fading as well, again when needed, like at the end before it loops - that flute and strings would sound better if they faded out. Listen to the original song and hear how the clarinet/flute vibrates? You could do the same effect on yours and it'd go a long ways. A nice vibrating flute is pleasant to the ears and really helps the song as a whole sound more fancy & quality.

RS2 Battle Theme - Sounds pretty nice, but I can't hear the bass that Kenji Ito battle songs are notorious for! For one it is getting drowned out some by the somewhat overpowering Timpani, but the main issue with it is I believe you used an acoustic guitar (Spanish Guitar in the spc editor) instead of one of the Bass Guitar? The one labeled as 'electric guitar' is also a bass guitar keep in mind which I would use here as it resembles more the slap bass this song uses, at an octave of probably o5 or o6 and high enough volume so it stands out better. This might just be preference on your part, though, I can't be sure. For instance how you go Timpani instead of snare drum more than not, I figure that's just preference. Though, it does sound like you rely on the Timpani (tom in spc editor) to cover a lot of the drum sections all at once instead of having more drum instruments involved and switching between. So it can be a little too much Timpani going on at times. Listen to the original and hear that bass slapping away and different drums all playing together instead of one Timpani - it's a very important part of these RS battle songs and you should be able to fit everything into your version if done right. If the midi has just one drum track but it is playing more than just one drum-type, you'll need to do the change instrument command in between and/or separate them onto another track, to for instance have kick drum, snare drum, and hi hats, cymbals on 1-2 channels.

RS3 Boss Theme - has the same issue with the bass, did you use a Spanish Guitar for the bass track again? The first solo bass note there at the start should also have a pitch bend to it that goes down, like the original song. Also there is small something off harmony at 0:41, with the trumpets.

The Castlevania ones are good, good but not exactly great. Considering they are the GB versions I can understand. The updated ones are indeed better though, so nice job!

I listened to Lavender Town and now I'm cursed for life! It is...an interesting 'song'.

Overall they are worthy enough for the server I'd say, but I'd recommend trying out some of the other MML commands for adding detail such as vibrato and volume fades and the occasional need for a pitch bend. And don't shy away from the complicated drum tracks, it is tedious to have them all involved but definitely possible. I don't mean to come off like a bastard with these suggestions, I just wanna try and help you to possibly become better than you already are at this stuff! Keep 'em coming and keep honing your skill. 

RE: Submission - madsiur - 11-11-2017

(11-11-2017, 02:57 PM)LoneRedMage Wrote: Since in this period i'm working hard on the music hacking, here there are some new songs along with some revisions!

The important thing is that they all loop correctly and it's the case. There is always room for improvement in music hacking so keep working on new or old song and we'll replace them as you come closer to a master composer. Victory

RE: Submission - LoneRedMage - 11-11-2017

As always, thanks for your feedback! Here some usual explanations:

Lazy Afternoon: I admit that i didn't listen to original song during the midi's editing (I listened only to the ROTDS version). I listened to it just now and i think that i have an idea on how i will customize it for a future revised version.
PS: I also made a second version with a ocarina instead of the pan flute.

RS2 Battle Theme: Like Lazy Afternoon i didn't listen to the original version (This time i listened only to midi version!), but also i didn't know about Ito's bass track. And yes, the use of the timpani was a mine preference. I'm starting to understand how to work with the drum tracks, but i think that i have a long way to go before i will realize how to work well with them.  Anyway i will try to follow your advice and make it better (especially because i'm planning to put another RS Battle theme in my hack!)

RS3 Boss Battle: Same as the RS2 BT with the difference that i made this version long time ago and this time i listened to original song before i made it.

Pokemon FRLG Lavender town: I'm suprised that I transformed my previous watered down version of it in an spookier one! Infact, in the beginning, i was supposed to add the snare drums without editing the other tracks.

In conclusion, all the songs have my Seal of approval for the submission with the exception of RS2 Battle theme and the RS3 Boss battle.

RE: Submission - Gi Nattak - 11-11-2017

Right on man, I'm glad you take feedback so well Smile That is a great trait. Anyways yes those heavy drum tracks are really tricky to get down. I can message you some helpful info about that actually, how to make life easier when it comes to switching drum instruments about a hundred or more times in a track, basically it involves using the Cntr H Replace feature in a notepad document to quickly put in the instrument change commands all at once to every drum that needs to be something else... But yeah thanks for the song contributions and I look forward to more!

P.S. I am going to go ahead and put the Romancing Saga ones on the server for now anyway, if you don't mind, and I can just update them when/if that time comes.