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Kain Sprite Incomplete. - RopeSander - 10-06-2013

Here's something I've been doing today, I haven't done any sprite editing in a long time, and I normally did FFT. Anyways, I've become to busy with things to put anymore effort into this, so I thought I'd post it for someone who can use it.

[Image: Kain.png]

And now, Setzer will "Disco Inferno" Objection!

RE: Kain Sprite Incomplete. - B-Run - 10-07-2013

Yes, very much yes. I love how its not Edgar with a helmet. And I really appreciate the fact that you didn't keep the half-arm-raised side view from FF4, that always really bugged me and that's not how people look. So far, really good stuff.

RE: Kain Sprite Incomplete. - CrumpledMedal - 10-07-2013

That Kain is sweet, I like how it looks, man. Keep it up.

RE: Kain Sprite Incomplete. - FEOK - 10-07-2013

I made a Kain once, this is really nice though.

RE: Kain Sprite Incomplete. - RopeSander - 10-07-2013

His head is to big, it cuts into other frames : p

RE: Kain Sprite Incomplete. - CrumpledMedal - 10-08-2013

I looked at it, his helmet is a tad too big, especially on the casting pose, the pixels run together. If you could work on the helmet from the side sprites, this has the potential to look pretty good.

RE: Kain Sprite Incomplete. - Blue Mage Gab - 10-08-2013

Nice Kain sprite there Wink . The thing I like the most is that you kept the color scheme from FFIV and the sprite is not the classical Edgar-with-a-dragoon-helmet.

RE: Kain Sprite Incomplete. - Seifer - 07-26-2022

Has this sprite been removed? Where can I find it.