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RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - DarkPhoenix - 11-11-2013

I'm just outside of Vector (first time). Is it worth starting over to see the new content, or am I not missing anything?

RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - Wiseman - 12-01-2013

Just finished playing through this hack. I registered here just to say great job and commend you on a very awesome and tasteful alternate version of one of my favorite games from the 90s.

If you like FF6 mostly as-is but would enjoy a slight twist to keep another playthrough interesting, then this hack is for you. The added items/equipment are also just enough to keep things interesting as you play through.

General Leo is a very satisfying character to play, and it's nice to actually have a dedicated swordsman to use some of those awesome weapons that were generally given to the female mage knights in previous playthroughs, and who rarely use them (illumina, excalibur, etc) because they're more focused on their magic at that point.

I must say I was a little skeptical at first because of the lack of Shadow, but after examining your reasoning for replacing him in the readme file and analyzing those reasons for myself while playing through, I admit that Shadow does make the most sense to replace. That being said, Leo became my main character once he was obtained and that was never the case for Shadow in my previous playthroughs, though he did usually end up in my main party of four.

As a side note, your Golbez edition FFIV was also very tasteful and interesting and I'd also recommend that to anyone looking for something similar to this in the FFIV realm.

Hope to see more projects from you soon!

RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - fedorajoe - 02-16-2014

Oh wow, thanks Wiseman! ^_^ Sorry, I just now saw this post.

RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - TheZodiacWolf - 04-07-2014


RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - silvermaine - 06-02-2014

Posting in this thread to tell you that this is a really solid hack. I am enjoying a good playthrough, though I do think the removal of Shadow as a playable character is pretty hard to swallow. The only reason his death would mean anything to a player is because of his status in the original version.

I actually made a run at a hack like this a few years ago. My plan was to make Setzer an NPC that was a guest character a few times in the game, have Leo take his spot as a main party member, have Bannon play a more important role in WOB and then have him die in Thamasa in Leo's place.

Still, trading Leo for Shadow is a trade I grudgingly accept!

RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - Cyprus - 06-04-2014

I must say fedorajoe, this is a very well done hack; as it feels very real to the Final Fantasy VI Plot and Universe.

But your Final Fantasy IV: Playable Golbez Edition, is absolutely Superb. When I first ran into your Hack I had my Doubts, but you certainly proved me Wrong! When I played this hack I felt like I was actually playing an officially released Final Fantasy game. It stayed very true to the Universe of Final Fantasy IV and even when something different from the original game happened, I still felt like I was Playing Final Fantasy IV. You have done an Excellent job fedorajoe, an Excellent job.

RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - Jeff - 06-04-2014

I seriously wish my computer was working so I could download this right now. Brilliant work from the looks of it dude!

RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - omega99 - 09-20-2014

Hey bro tried your hack and its quite fun and you know what I really love the fact that you can battle siegfried over and over again in the dino forest.LaughTongue

RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - ShinMrKarate - 09-20-2014

Hey this hack are soooooooo freakin' awesome Hold on....I try this game a months ago and yeah it so good(Actually Leo is my main character player).Leo as a replacement of Shadow its too bad but it exchange this is very very very good.....I hope the next update of this hack game will all FF6 Characters(Including Leo/Except Shadow)have a Ultimate Weapons like the Advance version of FF6 and fix all glitches and bugs....Sad

RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - omega99 - 09-27-2014

Hey can you make one out like emperor ghestal is playable but this hack is totally awesome like i can battle siegfried again and again in dino forest. LaughWhat?!