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Final Fantasy Mortal Kombat - JWhiteLXXXIX - 03-14-2013

So yeah been awhile since i uploaded anything recently..
have started on a new hack, replacing all 6s characters with mortal kombat ones Wink
tell me what you guys think


[Image: jameswhite89-mk-kitana-portrait.png] Kitana (Terra)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-kitana.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-liukang-portrait.png] Liu Kang (Locke)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-liukang.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-smoke-portrait.png] Smoke (Cyan)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-smoke.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-scorpion-portrait.png] Scorpion (Shadow)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-scorpion.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-radien-portrait.png] Raiden (Edgar)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-radien.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-jax-portrait.png] Jax (Sabin)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-jax.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-sindel-portrait.png] Sindel (Celes)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-sindel.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-baraka-portrait.png] Baraka (Strago)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-baraka.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-jade-portrait.png] Jade (Relm)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-jade.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-johnny-cage-portrait.png] Johnny (Setzer)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-johnny-cage.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-cyrax-portrait.png] Cyrax (Mog)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-cyrax.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-sektor-portrait.png] Sektor (Solider)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-sektor.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-ermac-portrait.png] Ermac (Gau)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-ermac.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-shangtsung-portrait.png] Shangtsung (Gogo)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-shangtsung.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-subzero-1-portrait.png] Subzero (Umaro)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-subzero-1.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-subzero-2-portrait.png] Subzero (Leo)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-subzero-2.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-noobsaibot-portrait.png] Noobsaibot (Ghost)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-noobsaibot.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-kabal-portrait.png] Kabal (Banon)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-kabal.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-baby-portrait.png] Baby (Imp)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-baby.png]

Shaokahn (Kefka)
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-shaokahn.png]

Merchant Locke
[Image: jameswhite89-mk-liukang-merchant.png]


[Image: jameswhite89-mk-army-guy.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-kobra.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-reptile.png]

[Image: jameswhite89-mk-scholar.png]

Pallets are now set, have updated each file so they all now work with each other.
Thank you mad for the restoration.. all in favour of imageshack frog to replace pepe?

RE: Final Fantasy Mortal Kombat - madsiur - 03-14-2013

Well done sprites and portraits as usual. My favorite is scorpion.

RE: Final Fantasy Mortal Kombat - SSJ Rick - 03-14-2013

lolz niiiice

RE: Final Fantasy Mortal Kombat - JWhiteLXXXIX - 03-14-2013

thanks man spending lot longer per sprite then usual Smile

Narshe Guard (Army man)
[Image: imgshk.png]
Volmamamoth (Tartakan)
[Image: imgshk.png]
Vargas (Reptile)
[Image: imgshk.png]
Scholar (Zeffeero)
[Image: imgshk.png]
Normal Dude (Kobra)
[Image: imgshk.png]
Figaro Guard (Gohsk)
[Image: imgshk.png]
[Image: imgshk.png]
[Image: imgshk.png]
Returner (Nightwolf)
[Image: imgshk.png]
Arvis (Shujinko)
[Image: imgshk.png]
Ultros (Zaggot- God of chaos)
[Image: imgshk.png]
Andriod thing (Quan Chi)
[Image: imgshk.png]
Anvil (weight ultros drops)
[Image: imgshk.png]
Dying King (Lin Kuei master)
[Image: imgshk.png]

RE: Final Fantasy Mortal Kombat - JWhiteLXXXIX - 03-15-2013

Possibly sonia next if can get her on jax and raidens pallet.. if not sindel Wink

RE: Final Fantasy Mortal Kombat - SSJ Rick - 03-15-2013

good shyt

RE: Final Fantasy Mortal Kombat - JWhiteLXXXIX - 03-15-2013

thanks dude seriously cant wait to finish this

RE: Final Fantasy Mortal Kombat - SSJ Rick - 03-16-2013

keep at it

RE: Final Fantasy Mortal Kombat - JWhiteLXXXIX - 03-16-2013

for sure Wink deffo sindel next pallet fits nd shed fit celes story better then sonia.

RE: Final Fantasy Mortal Kombat - SSJ Rick - 03-17-2013