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There are a good deal of different magic systems:

FFI- buy the spells and had a certain amount of times you can cast each level

FF2- learn them and they became more powerful as they leveled up (1mp cost Ultima ftw)

FF4- learned by leveling up

FF5- learned through jobs

FF6- Espers (mainly)

FF7- Materia

FF8- Draw system

FF9- Learned from equipment

FF10- Grid System


If only there were sword-chucks.

I picked Other becuase of Shurikens Smile (FF3 style)


What is the hardest Super Boss for you from a Final Fantasy? Obviously there are more super bosses than allotted spaces in this poll. I can only put in 10 slots so I put in the most popular and infamous super bosses.

Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

What's the best music from a Final Fantasy out of the choices available in this poll?
This is an opinion poll of course.

Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

I've decided to do something different with the poll system. Instead of doing a repeat if a similar question of which game you like best, or which boss is the coolest, I've decided to a "versus" system.
This means that I'll set up a poll every week with a character from the Final Fantasy universe to face off against another character from the Final Fantasy universe. I'll try to keep it as balanced as possible, however, there are characters that are overpowered for whatever reason.

Anyhow, this week is Ninja vs Ninja.
I just watched Ninja Assassin with my girlfriend and thought I'd do this.
You the community most vote on which Ninja is the strongest to truly decide.


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