Custom MyCode

1. Highlight
Arguments: color value (hex), text

[hl=2288FF]Highlighted Text[/hl]

Highlighted Text

2. Subscript
Argument: text

This is a [sub=2288FF]subscript[/sub] word

This is a subscript word.

3. Superscript
Argument: text

This is a [sup=2288FF]superscript[/sup] word

This is a superscript word.

4. Acronym (hover text)
Arguments: text, text (separated by a comma)

[acronym]You'll see this if you hover the title,Title to hover[/acronym]

Title to hover

5. Line (colored)
Argument: color (hex value)


6. Progress bar with title
Arguments: percentage, text

[progress=75]My progress[/progress]

My progress

7. Chrono Font (normal)
Arguments: text

[chrono]Wake up Glenn![/chrono]

Wake up Glenn!

8. Chrono Font (large)
Arguments: text

[chrono2]Wake up Luca![/chrono2]

Wake up Luca!

9. Mono Style Block
Arguments: text

[mono] LDA $1816,X
NOP [/mono]

LDA $1816,X

10. Tables
Table: [table] [/table]
Table header: [header] [/header]
Table row: [row] [/row]
Regular table cell: [cell] [/cell]
Centered table cell: [cellcenter] [/cellcenter]
Fixed width table cell: [cellwidth=num*] [/cellwidth]
* num is between 5 and 499.

[cellwidth=130]Favorite game[/cellwidth]
[cellwidth=170]Reason of playing[/cellwidth]
[cell]Final Fantasy 10[/cell]
[cellcenter]Tidus laugh[/cellcenter]

Favorite game Reason of playing
 Final Fantasy 10 Tidus laugh

"Text" argument means you can enter any alphanumeric value (A-Z, a-z, 0-9). Allowed symbols are # \ + - = , . [ ] ( ) ? !
This means nesting custom MyBB codes should work.

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