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This is a list of utilities that can be used to edit various aspects of the game. For general utilities such as hex editors, please visit the utility page of the ROM hacking section. For FF6 Advance utilities (GBA ROM), check this utility page.

Data Editing

These utilities can edit the data of the game, excluding graphical and maps specific utilities which are listed in their own categories.

Name Short Description Creator Download link
FF3usME 6.80 Multi-Editor for FF6j, FF3us 1.0 and 1.1. Lord J Download
FF6Tools 0.3 OS X Multi-Editor for FF6j, FF3us and FF6A Everything Download
FF6EEE Can edit and expand esper data. Drakkhen Download
FF6MDE 1.72 Can edit chest data and animation strings in FF3us and FF6 Advance. Drakkhen Download
FF6 Shop Editor Can edit shop data in FF3us and FF6j. JCE3000GT Download
FF6 Name Editor Can edit strings in FF3us. JCE3000GT Download
FF6ExpED 0.2 Can expand and edit monster drops and stolen items and odds. Madsiur Download

Map Editing

These utilities can either edit world maps, maps properties or regular maps. Some utilities can do all of these and more!

Name Short Description Creator Download link
FF6LE Rogue Can edit world maps, regular maps as well as NPCs and event triggers. giangurgolo Download
FF6LE Rogue CE FF6LE build that handle various expansions. Current version is 0.8.1 madsiur Download
Zone Doctor Successor of FF6LE with extra features such as an event editor. giangurgolo Download
Zone Doctor CE Zone Doctor build that handle various expansions. Current version is 0.2.2 madsiur Download
FF3 Map Editor Can edit regular and world maps. Somewhat limited compared to above editors. Sleepydude Download
FF6MMGEN Can generate WOB & WOR mini-maps like FF3Edit madsiur Download

Graphic Editing

Name Short Description Creator Download link
FF3SE Can edit monsters, portraits ans character sprites. Terii Senshi Download
FF3se Can edit character sprites and NPCs. Has been later integrated in FF3usME Lord J Download
Peer Sprite Viewer Can compress / decompress FF6 and CT graphics. Geiger Download
FF3SE-M Modified FF3SE version allowing monster GFX expansion. madsiur Download


Name Short Description Creator Download link
Savestate Editor ZSNES and SNES9X savestate editor. toffty Download
Savestate Editor ZSNES savestate editor. The_Fake_God Download
Save File Editor Save file (.srm) editor. Gendou Software Download
FF3h Save file (.srm) editor. Lord J, Jumper FF3us / FF6j Utilities
C2FF6D (de)compressor Can decompress/compress some data/code from the ROM. abw RHDN Page
BC Randomizer v.58 Beyond Chaos is a randomizer for FF3us. Abyssonym Download

Source Code

Name Version Type Language Author Download Link
FF6LE 20090114 FF3us C# giangurgolo Download
FF6LE Rogue 20130525 FF3us C# Lord J Download
FF6LE CE 0.8.1 FF3us C# madsiur Download
Zone Doctor 3.18.4 FF3us C# giangurgolo Download
Zone Doctor CE 0.2.2 FF3us C# madsiur Download
FF3Edit 12/16/2000 FF3us 1.0 C++ Yousei Download
FF3SE 2.0 FF3us 1.0 C++ Terii Senshi Download
FF3h 5.0 FF3us SRAM C++ Lord J Download
Event Disassembler 1.0 FF3us C++ Yousei Download
Event Disassembler 2.0 FF3us C++ Lord J Download
SRM checksum Fix 1.0 FF4/5/6 SNES Python m06 Download
FF6 Extract 20060528 FF3us C++ Geiger Download
FF6ExpEd 0.2 FF3us C# madsiur Download
FF6AE (winform) 3.1.1 FF6A (U) C# madsiur Download
FF Analyzer 20030726 FF4/5/6 SFC C Ino Download
FF Analyzer+ 20080412 FF4/5/6 GBA-J C Ino Download
xkas 0.06 SNES C++ byuu Download
bass 20090114 SNES C++ byuu Download
brrtools 3.12 SNES C Bregalad Download
SnesBRR 20061213 SNES C++ DMV27 Download
SNES Tile Editor 1.0 SNES Java Digisalt Download
Tile Molestor 0.16 SNES/multi Java SnowBro Download
Tile LAyer Pro 1.1 SNES/multi C++ SnowBro Download
Nameless Sprite Editor 2.0 GBA C# Link12552 Download
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