This is a list of free ROM space for FF3us 1.0. Note that if you plan on expanding some data you might need specific free space after the data you want to expand, and some editors like FF6LE do this for certain data, this is why we included what is before the free space. All offsets are for unheadered ROM. Note that we did not include free space lower than 6 bytes, because you cannot do anything with that size of free space.

Start End Before Size Hex Size Decimal
$C0D613 $C0DF9F Bank $C0 Code $098D 2445
$C0EC20 $C0EE9F Sprite Overlay Graphics $0280 0640
$C0FCAB $C0FCFF Sprite Overlay Data $0055 0085
$C0FF18 $C0FFAF IRQ JMP $0098 0152
$C1FFE5 $C1FFFF Bank $C1 Code $001B 0027
$C26469 $C267FF Bank $C2 Code $0397 0919
$C2A65A $C2A7FF Bank $C2 Code $01A6 0422
$C2FAA4 $C2FC6C Bank $C2 Code $01C9 0457
$C3F091 $C3FFFF Bank $C3 Code $0F6F 3951
$C46A6B $C46ABF NPC Data $0054 0084
$C4A4C0 $C4B9FF VWF Graphics $1540 5440
$C4BFB9 $C4C007 Ending Font $004E 0078
$C4F1C2 $C4F476 Ending Cinematic Graphics $02B4 0692
$C4FF72 $C4FFFF Ending Cinematic Graphics $008E 0142
$C9FCEC $C9FDFF Song Data $0114 0276
$CCFE1A $CCFFFF Pointers to Dialog $01E6 0486
$CEEFBB $CEFOFF Dialog $0145 0325
$CEF463 $CEF5FF Map Names $019D 0413
$CEFEE0 $CEFFFF Rare Item Descriptions $0120 0288
$CF3BAE $CF3C3F Esper Attack Descriptions $0092 0146
$CF3C9B $CF3CFF SwdTech Names $0065 0101
$CF83C0 $CF83FF Battle Data $0040 0064
$CFCF50 $CFD0CF Monster Names $0180 0384
$CFFB29 $CFFBFF Ending Cinematic Data $00D7 0215
$CFFCE0 $CFFCFF Blitz Descriptions $0020 0032
$CFFDA0 $CFFDFF SwdTech Descriptions $0060 0096
$CFFF47 $CFFF9D Esper Bonus Names $0057 0087
$CFFFBE $CFFFFF Pointers to SwdTech Descriptions $0042 0066
$D095E6 $D097FF Attack Animation Data $0220 0544
$D0CF4A $D0CFFF Battle Event Scripts $00B6 0182
$D0FC7A $D0FCFF Long Battle Dialog $0086 0134
$D1E989 $D1EAD7 Battle Animation Frame Data $014F 0335
$D1F751 $D1F79F Battle Messages $004F 0079
$D1F9D0 $D1F9FF Dance Battle Background Index $0030 0048
$D26F6F $D26FFF Item Symbol Names $0090 0144
$D2B224 $D2B2FF Large Monster Graphic Maps $00DC 0220
$D2EB44 $D2EBFF Battle Status Graphics $00BC 0188
$D4C998 $D4C9FF Battle Animation Graphics $0068 0104
$D4CF5B $D4CFFF Additional Menu Program Code $00A5 0165
$D4F646 $D4FFFF Pointers to Battle Animation Frame Data $09C0 2496
$D86F29 $D86FFF Esper Data $00D6 0214
$D8CE51 $D8CE9F Spell Descriptions $004F 0079
$D8DCD2 $D8DCFF Airship on Fire Tile Formation $002E 0046
$D8E7B1 $D8E7FF Serpent Trench Palettes $004E 0078
$D8EE47 $D8EFFF Menu Sprite Data $01B9 0441
$D99A51 $D99D4A Ending Cinematic Graphics $02FA 0762
$D9A569 $D9A7FF Ending Cinematic Graphics $0297 0663
$D9CC4B $D9CD0F Map Tile Properties $00C5 0197
$DFB3D4 $DFB3FF Map Tile Formations $002C 0044
$DFBAE4 $DFBAFF Pointers to Map Tile Formations $001C 0028
$DFD978 $DFD9FF Short Entrance Triggers $0088 0136
$E6CD3D $E6CD5F BG3 Graphics $0022 0034
$E6F198 $E6F1FF BG3 Animation Graphics $0068 0104
$E6F440 $E6F48F Palette Animation Color Palettes $0050 0080
$E962C1 $E962FF Battle BG Graphics $003F 0063
$ECE200 $ECE3BF Esper Graphics $01C0 0448
$ED63E0 $ED63FF Character Palettes $0020 0032
$ED7787 $ED779F Item Descriptions $0019 0025
$ED8BCA $ED8E5A Treasure Data $0291 0657
$ED8E9B $ED8EFF Battle Background Dance Indexes $0065 0101
$EDFCAA $EDFDFF Long Entrance Triggers $0156 0342
$EEAF01 $EEB1FF Bank $EE Code $02FF 0767
$EFFBC8 $EFFEEF Palettes for Ending Airship Scene $0328 0808
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