Rare items are essentially just one event bit each. But they have a name and description that shows up in the items menu. So the player can contextually see his progress with obtaining the rare item (setting the bit).


Description Value
Base offset (SNES) $CEFBA0
Block size $0D
Number of blocks $0017
Total size $012B


Description Value
Base offset (SNES) $CEFCB0
Block size variable
Number of blocks $0017
Total size
Index Name Text Desc. Text Event Bit Rare Item
$00 $CEFBA0 $CEFCB0 1D0 BA:0 Cider
$01 $CEFBAD $CEFCCE 1D1 BA:1 Old Clock-Key
$02 $CEFBBA $CEFCF4 1D2 BA:2 Fish (“A yummy fish”)
$03 $CEFBC7 $CEFD01 1D3 BA:3 Fish (“Just a fish”)
$04 $CEFBD4 $CEFD0D 1D4 BA:4 Fish (“A rotten fish”)
$05 $CEFBE1 $CEFD1B 1D5 BA:5 Fish (“Fish”)
$06 $CEFBEE $CEFD20 1D6 BA:6 Lump of Metal
$07 $CEFBFB $CEFD4A 1D7 BA:7 Lola's Letter
$08 $CEFBFB $CEFD7F 1D8 BB:0 Coral
$09 $CEFC08 $CEFDB3 1D9 BB:1 Books
$0A $CEFC15 $CEFDE4 1DA BB:2 Royal Letter
$0B $CEFC22 $CEFE05 1DB BB:3 Rust-Rid
$0C $CEFC2F $CEFE12 1DC BB:4 Autograph (unused)
$0D $CEFC3C $CEFE2E 1DD BB:5 Manicure (unused)
$0E $CEFC49 $CEFE43 1DE BB:6 Opera Record (unused)
$0F $CEFC56 $CEFE57 1DF BB:7 Magn.Glass (unused)
$10 $CEFC63 $CEFE65 1E0 BC:0 Eerie Stone (unused)
$11 $CEFC70 $CEFE78 1E1 BC:1 Odd Picture (unused)
$12 $CEFC7D $CEFE8F 1E2 BC:2 Dull Picture (unused)
$13 $CEFC8A $CEFEA6 1E3 BC:3 Pendant
$14 $CEFC97 1E4 BC:4 (none; Stone Tablet in GBA editions)
$15 $CEFCA4 1E5 BC:5 (none; Master's Crown in GBA editions)
$16 $CEFCB1 1E6 BC:6 (none)
$17 $CEFCBE 1E7 BC:7 (none)
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