Shop Data

Info for shop salesmen. Shops are triggered through event command:

Event Command Description
$9B XX Invoke shop XX (see list)
Description Value
Base offset (SNES) $C47AC0
Block size $09
Number of blocks $0080
Total size $0480
Offset Description
$00 Shop type and shop cost
Shop Type:
$00 (blank)
$01 Weapon
$02 Armor
$03 Item
$04 Relics
$05 Vendor
Shop Cost:
$00 Prices x1 (normal)
$08 Prices x1.5
$10 Prices x2 (double)
$18 Prices x0.5
$20 Prices x0.5 if female leads, x1.5 otherwise
$28 Prices x0.5 if male leads, 1.5x otherwise)
$30 Prices x0.5 if Edgar leads, 1.0x otherwise
$38 Unused / glitches
$01 Item 1
$02 Item 2
$03 Item 3
$04 Item 4
$05 Item 5
$06 Item 6
$07 Item 7
$08 Item 8
Index Data Offset Description
$00 $C47AC0 Narshe weapons (before Magitek factory)
$01 $C47AC9 Narshe armor (before Magitek factory)
$02 $C47AD2 Narshe relics (before Magitek factory)
$03 $C47ADB Narshe items (before Magitek factory)
$04 $C47AE4 Figaro castle items (before Kefka arrives)
$05 $C47AED South Figaro weapons (WoB)
$06 $C47AF6 South Figaro armor (WoB)
$07 $C47AFF South Figaro relics (WoB)
$08 $C47B08 South Figaro items (WoB)
$09 $C47B11 Mobliz weapons
$0A $C47B1A Mobliz armor
$0B $C47B23 Mobliz relics
$0C $C47B2C Mobliz items
$0D $C47B35 Nikeah weapons (WoB)
$0E $C47B3E Nikeah armor (WoB)
$0F $C47B47 Nikeah items (WoB)
$10 $C47B50 Nikeah relics (WoB)
$11 $C47B59 Kohlinghen weapons (WoB)
$12 $C47B62 Kohlinghen armor (WoB)
$13 $C47B6B Kohlinghen items (WoB)
$14 $C47B74 Jidoor weapons (WoB)
$15 $C47B7D Jidoor armor (WoB)
$16 $C47B86 Jidoor items (WoB)
$17 $C47B8F Jidoor relics (WoB)
$18 $C47B98 Albrook items (WoB)
$19 $C47BA1 Albrook weapons (WoB)
$1A $C47BAA Albrook armor (WoB)
$1B $C47BB3 Vector weapons
$1C $C47BBC Vector armor
$1D $C47BC5 Tzen weapons (WoB)
$1E $C47BCE Tzen armor (WoB)
$1F $C47BD7 Tzen items (WoB)
$20 $C47BE0 Tzen relics (WoB)
$21 $C47BE9 Thamasa Weapon (WoB)
$22 $C47BF2 Thamasa Armor (WoB)
$23 $C47BFB Thamasa Item (WoB)
$24 $C47C04 Returners' Hideout Item
$25 $C47C0D WoB Maranda Weapon
$26 $C47C16 WoB Maranda Armor
$27 $C47C1F Gau's father's house, Imperial Soldier: Vendor
$28 $C47C28 Albrook: Relics (WoB)
$29 $C47C31 Narshe: Weapon (After Vector)
$2A $C47C3A Narshe: Armor (After Vector)
$2B $C47C43 Narshe: Relics (After Vector)
$2C $C47C4C Narshe: Item (After Vector)
$2D $C47C55 Thamasa Relics (WoB)
$2E $C47C5E Blackjack: Item
$2F $C47C67 Figaro Castle: Item (2nd Time)
$30 $C47C70 WoR Albrook: Item
$31 $C47C79 WoR Albrook: Weapon
$32 $C47C82 WoR Albrook: Armor
$33 $C47C8B WoR Albrook: Relics
$34 $C47C94 WoR Tzen: Weapon
$35 $C47C9D WoR Tzen: Armor
$36 $C47CA6 WoR Tzen: Item
$37 $C47CAF WoR Tzen: Relics
$38 $C47CB8 WoR Nikeah: Weapon
$39 $C47CC1 WoR Nikeah: Armor
$3A $C47CCA WoR Nikeah: Item
$3B $C47CD3 WoR Nikeah: Relics
$3C $C47CDC WoR South Figaro: Weapon
$3D $C47CE5 WoR South Figaro: Armor
$3E $C47CEE WoR South Figaro: Relics
$3F $C47CF7 WoR South Figaro: Item
$40 $C47D00 Figaro Castle: Item (WoR)
$41 $C47D09 WoR Kohlingen: Weapon
$42 $C47D12 WoR Kohlingen: Armor
$43 $C47D1B WoR Kohlingen: Item
$44 $C47D24 Narshe: Weapon (WoR)
$45 $C47D2D Narshe: Armor (WoR)
$46 $C47D36 Narshe: Relics (WoR)
$47 $C47D3F Narshe. Item (WoR)
$48 $C47D48 Thamasa: Weapon (WoR)
$49 $C47D51 Thamasa: Armor (WoR)
$4A $C47D5A Thamasa: Item (WoR)
$4B $C47D63 Thamasa: Relics (WoR)
$4C $C47D6C WoR Jidoor: Weapon
$4D $C47D75 WoR Jidoor: Armor
$4E $C47D7E WoR Jidoor: Item
$4F $C47D87 WoR Jidoor: Relics
$50 $C47D90 WoR Maranda: Weapon
$51 $C47D99 WoR Maranda: Armor
$52 $C47DA2 Figaro Castle: Tool (1st Time)
$53 $C47DAB Figaro Castle: Tool (2nd Time)
$54 $C47DB4 Figaro Castle: Tool (WoR)
$55 $C47DBD Phantom Train (ghost): Item
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