Map Animation Data

Data for BG1/BG2 tiles that are animated on maps.

Description Value
Pointer Table Offset $C091D5
Base offset (SNES) $C091FF
Block size $0A

A speed of $0400 will animate at 60 frames/sec. Frame offsets are in Map Animation Graphics (+$E60000).

Offset Description
$00-$01 Animation Speed
$02-$03 Frame 1 Offset
$04-$05 Frame 2 Offset
$06-$07 Frame 3 Offset
$08-$09 Frame 4 Offset
Index Offset Description
$00 $C091FF Caves (Torches)
$01 $C0924F River
$02 $C0929F Imperial Camp
$03 $C092EF Narshe Town Exterior
$04 $C0933F Town Outdoors
$05 $C0938F Train Exterior
$06 $C093DF Castle Exterior
$07 $C0942F Village Exterior
$08 $C09443 Docks Water
$09 $C09493 Airship Interior
$0A $C094E3 Airship Exterior
$0B $C09533 Town Interior
$0C $C09533 (unused)
$0D $C09583 Mountain Exterior (Bridges)
$0E $C09623 Magitek Factory
$0F $C09691 Opera House (Crowd)
$10 $C096E1 Vector (Banners)
$11 $C09533 (unused)
$12 $C0974F Kefka's Tower
$13 $C09533 Returner's Hideout
$14 $C0979F
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