Character Initialisation Data

Player characters are initialised and added to the party through event commands:

Event Command Description
40 XX YY Assign stats YY to character slot XX
7F XX YY Assign name YY to character slot XX
  • YY is an index from the list of characters (below)
  • XX is one of the 16 player character slots available

Character name as text:

Description Value
Base offset (SNES) $C478C0
Block size $06

Character stats data:

Description Value
Base offset (SNES) $ED7CA0
Block size $16
Offset Description
$ED7CA0 extra HP
$ED7CA1 extra MP
$ED7CA2 command 1
$ED7CA3 command 2
$ED7CA4 command 3
$ED7CA5 command 4
$ED7CA6 vigor
$ED7CA7 speed
$ED7CA8 stamina
$ED7CA9 magic
$ED7CAA extra attack
$ED7CAB extra physical defense
$ED7CAC extra magic defense
$ED7CAD extra physical evasion
$ED7CAE extra magic evasion
$ED7CAF right hand (item)
$ED7CB0 left hand (item)
$ED7CB1 body (item)
$ED7CB2 head (item)
$ED7CB3 relic 1 (item)
$ED7CB4 relic 2 (item)
$ED7CB5 level factor plus run success
$03 run success
$0C index for constant: to alter level
  • Character data $00-$0D are the standard player characters.
  • Character data $0E-$21 are guest characters, temporary party members.
  • Character data $22-$2F are Kefka dummies for battle events.
  • Character data $30-$3F are test data and unused.
Index Name Offset Stats Offset Name
$00 $C478C0 $ED7CA0 TERRA
$01 $C478C6 $ED7CB6 LOCKE
$02 $C478CC $ED7CCC CYAN
$03 $C478D2 $ED7CE2 SHADOW
$04 $C478D8 $ED7CF8 EDGAR
$05 $C478DE $ED7D0E SABIN
$06 $C478E4 $ED7D24 CELES
$07 $C478EA $ED7D3A STRAGO
$08 $C478F0 $ED7D50 RELM
$09 $C478F6 $ED7D66 SETZER
$0A $C478FC $ED7D7C MOG
$0B $C47902 $ED7D92 GAU
$0C $C47908 $ED7DA8 GOGO
$0E $C47914 $ED7DD4 BANON
$0F $C4791A $ED7DEA LEO
$10 $C47920 $ED7E00 ?????
$11 $C47926 $ED7E16 ?????
$12 $C4792C $ED7E2C KUPEK
$13 $C47932 $ED7E42 KUPOP
$14 $C47938 $ED7E58 KUMAMA
$15 $C4793E $ED7E6E KUKU
$16 $C47944 $ED7E84 KUTAN
$17 $C4794A $ED7E9A KUPAN
$18 $C47950 $ED7EB0 KUSHU
$19 $C47956 $ED7EC6 KURIN
$1A $C4795C $ED7EDC KURU
$1B $C47962 $ED7EF2 KAMOG
$1C $C47968 $ED7F08 MOG
$1D $C4796E $ED7F1E ?????
$1E $C47974 $ED7F34 MADUIN
$1F $C4797A $ED7F4A ?????
$20 $C47980 $ED7F60 WEDGE
$21 $C47986 $ED7F76 VICKS
$22 $C4798C $ED7F8C
$23 $C47992 $ED7FA2
$24 $C47998 $ED7FBB
$25 $C4799E $ED7FCE
$26 $C479A4 $ED7FE4
$27 $C479AA $ED7FFA
$28 $C479B0 $ED8010
$29 $C479B6 $ED8026 KEFKA
$2A $C479BC $ED803C KEFKA
$2B $C479C2 $ED8052 KEFKA
$2C $C479C8 $ED8068 KEFKA
$2D $C479CE $ED807E KEFKA
$2E $C479D4 $ED8094 KEFKA
$30 $C479E0 $ED80C0 TORK
$31 $C479E6 $ED80D6 JADE
$32 $C479EC $ED80EC CUSTER
$33 $C479F2 $ED8102 FABIAN
$34 $C479F8 $ED8118 DRAKE
$35 $C479FE $ED812E SARA
$36 $C47A04 $ED8144 CASE
$37 $C47A0A $ED815A SIELE
$38 $C47A10 $ED8170 RAY
$39 $C47A16 $ED8186 REIKER
$3A $C47A1C $ED819C LANCE
$3B $C47A22 $ED81B2 BOB
$3C $C47A28 $ED81C8 PEPPER
$3D $C47A2E $ED81DE TAU
$3E $C47A34 $ED81F4 VICTOR
$3F $C47A3A $ED820A HO
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