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What opinions have changed over the years?

04-16-2017, 11:17 AM,
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What opinions have changed over the years?
So back in my younger days, I have very set opinions about what characters and game elements and whatnot I liked or didn't like. For instance: for the first several years I played FF6, my main party was always Terra, Sabin, Gogo, Setzer... always always always. And when doing Kefkas Tower, I always left behind Gau and Umaro, cause I didn't like mechanics I couldn't control...

As I've gotten older, and I've gotten more into the literary elements of the game, and several of my less like characters got a significant boost.

Face-Palm Cyan went from barely being above Gau to being one of my favorite characters. His story isn't as cliche as I assumed it was as a kid, and I find myself relating a lot to his themes. Being a father, specifically, drove home a lot of the emotion in his story.

Smile Edgar is another middling character that got a significant boost the more I thought about his character. The young man who lost his father, and instead of choosing freedom, specifically rigged the rules of his bet to make sure his brother got what he wanted. He gave up what he wanted (remember, he never wanted to be king). Then seeing how, as a character who didn't have as much primary plot significance, was actually one of, if not THE, strongest leader in the group.

Big Grin I always liked Locke, but he's been boosted to being one of my favorite fantasy characters of all time. There's not enough to say about his complexity, character, hurts, and triumphs. It might be fun to write an analysis of him one day, cause I just can't put it all here. There's a good chance FF6 is actually HIS story (a small chance, but still).

All in all, I don't think my opinion of anyone's character has decreased... I think I've just discovered how much of a masterpiece this game really is and how deep and relate-able just about every character is. I could mention things I've learned and appreciated about everyone, but these are probably my biggest swing characters from my early days of playing FF6 to now.

What about you? How have your tastes and opinions changed over the years? It doesn't need to be about characters, it was just what came to mind when I was writing this.

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04-16-2017, 02:44 PM,
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RE: What opinions have changed over the years?
Mog used to be my favorite character... probably because he was in all of the advertisements. He has been demoted quite a bit since my first playthrough. Cyan has become my go-to character over the years. He is a sweeper if you play him right. I also think he has the best musical theme of any character.

Celes has also grown on me... probably because I didn't originally understand how to use Runic. My party for my last playthrough included Cyan and Celes whenever possible.

04-16-2017, 04:38 PM,
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RE: What opinions have changed over the years?
Whenever I do a playthrough of ff6 these days, I always spoil Relm with enough levels in WoB to prevent any disadvantage potential for level averaging later and once rerecruited, always end up leveling her to 99 before anyone else. I sometimes even have her solo in the multi party scenarios cause I spoil her to the point that she effortlessly ends all enemies and doesn't need help from the other party members.

04-16-2017, 05:15 PM,
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RE: What opinions have changed over the years?
I grew up thinking Gogo was a man...
Then for a while I thought Gogo could be a woman...
Now I think Gogo is either both or neither.

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04-17-2017, 02:04 PM,
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RE: What opinions have changed over the years?
lol, that was deep, Gi  Big Grin

I won't share my thoughts, since i was a child back to those days and so my impressions were childish as well...
like... i like terra, i hate celes, no appearent reason... i said enough.

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RE: What opinions have changed over the years?
Oh boy, let me see.
Gau-When I was kid, I used him a lot because I was a kid as well and he served me pretty well. Now as an adult, it just wasn't worth keeping him because of all of the Rages you have to learn to for him to carry his weight. But he still is fun to take to some areas and events but not everywhere, since you can't stop Rage and he will heal the enemy.
Terra-Terra was always a bit unsure of herself, and not my cup of tea as a character and obvious plot device. But my opinion has changed over the years. She is a talented sorceress and finally grows into a protective wall of strength for a bunch of children, even though she gets way too much special treatment in the game, her abilities really help the party through some situations, if you teach her the right magic and boost her stats she can really make mincemeat of a lot of tough bosses.
Locke-Locke was kind of just okay with me, he didn't really stand out much aside from steal(which for some reason has a low success rate sans Thief Glove. Later on as I got older, Locke had so much versatility, if you need a back row fighter he could do that, front row fighter, offensive juggernaut and he really shines in the end game. I just totally liked Locke's interaction with the group and his role throughout the story.
Sabin-As a kid, I bypassed Sabin because I couldn't figure out how to do Blitzes!! But that opinion has changed since I realized the cursor has to be pointing at Sabin. After that issue, Saban is awesome! He can cut through any enemy's defenses and just overpower everything in the game with his Blitzes. The guy is a great addition to any team.
Celes-always like her better than Terra, even more so now after Eternal Filena has a similar type of character.
Shadow-Shadow's awesome, I just hated him taking off when he felt like it, but his tragic backstory and relationship with Relm are interesting. Plus he is a badass ninja and his sprite looks awesome.
Mog-I will admit that I kind of overrated Mog to an certain extent because he is a cute little cat creature but his dances really aren't all that great and some of them can heal the enemy. I like to give him a Spear and DragoonBoots and make him a Jumper now. I don't use him all that much anymore, but he will always be a part of my final team in the endgame.
Setzer-This guy is kind of middle of the road, his backstory is tragic and interesting but he really isn't much of a character to take on an important mission. That isn't to sell Setzer short, though. He has the only airships in the game and he can help out a great deal since you have to utilize the airship as your form of transportation.
Edgar, Cyan, Relm, Strago, Gogo, Umaro, and Bannon-My opinion on them has remained the same, and that I don't have an issue with any of them.
Now for Kefka:As a child, I thought he was a jester or clown of some kind but as a I got older, I realized that he is completely insane and he creates a lot of trouble in the World. At one point, I thouyht that Kefka and Terra were in a relationship, but it doesn't seem like that at all now, he just used her as a slave. But he does manage to take over the world but in the end, it seemed like his bark was worse than his bite.

04-18-2017, 11:22 AM,
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RE: What opinions have changed over the years?
Hmmmm let's see

When I was a kid I did think Sabin was like the protagonist and my absolute favourite character, I remember that. I also thought Shadow was beyond badass. I didn't like Kefka all that much, or at least the official art of him, and of course had no special attachment for any other ally or foe that wasn't a main character.

Now I fell in love with Terra's character which obviously has pushed Sabin out of the spotlight but I still like him, and also Shadow remains a badass but not as much. Kefka skyrocketed to my favourite villain of all time and I'm strangely attached to the Warring Triad of all things. Yeah, strange considering they literally don't say a word ever.

I thought Leo wasn't interesting and my opinion of him now is worse, I think he's overrated (bring the hate mail fellas), and I don't particularly care for Celes or Locke either. I mean, I don't even dislike them or anything but the arc between the two just seems too implausible for me.

I'm more of a Chocobo guy than a Moogle guy so I feel nothing for Mog either. I do like Strago and Relm much more now than I did before, now that I can understand the jokes they crack at each other, and I hold Cyan and Edgar closer to me than I did before too.

My opinion of Ultros hasn't changed. I thought he was hilarious then and I still think he's hilarious Tongue
I did use to think Seigfried was badass too, but since he reminds me of Gilgamesh (and infinitely better character imo), I tend to not care for him at all.

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04-18-2017, 11:10 PM,
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RE: What opinions have changed over the years?
When I first played this game I thought that the three switch puzzle area was near impossible to solve. I also thought Setzer was the most useful character in the game, but the only reason why I thought that was because he had over 7000 HP (which is obviously just because he was the highest leveled character). I also really enjoyed just walking out in the WoB deserts against FossilFangs and seeing who would die last for some reason. I thought the scene where Kefka poisons Doma was hilarious because people were falling off buildings and I didn't really understand why (so it felt like slapstick comedy).

As for more recent and less fuzzy memories, I didn't realize as a kid just how much Magic overshadows special attacks, so I tended to undervalue it. I also thought Cyan was relatively good, when in reality he's relatively lousy (even though the characters are so similar by the endgame that it doesn't matter much). Unlike a lot of people, I did use Gau, but I didn't get a lot out of him because I didn't know how to use him properly. I never did have a "favourite team" like a lot of people seem to, however. I also thought that Battle @ Narshe was a lot harder than it actually is.

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