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FF6 - Brave New World
06-01-2013, 07:19 AM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 11:31 PM by Synchysi.)
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   FF6 - Brave New World
After nearly two years of development, version 1.0 of Brave New World is finally ready for release. What started out with my initial desire to properly case everyone's name turned into a rather innocent discussion between a co-worker of mine and I about ways to improve/fix the original game, which in turn became this.

  • In order to keyhole characters into the character archetypes we wanted them to fit, espers are now restricted by character, and all espers have had their spell lists and level up bonuses appropriately adjusted.
  • In an effort to make vigor a useful stat (as opposed to the dump stat it was originally), a brand new physical damage formula was implemented.
  • In an effort to make stamina a useful stat (as opposed to the garbage stat it was originally), several abilities now use it instead of magic power or vigor when determining their effectiveness.
  • Several modified or new special effects have been implemented to accommodate new or changed skills, including:
    • Mindblow: Does 500 MP damage - the new level 2 sword tech.
    • Mantra: Altered to use stamina as an additional modifier - along with this, Sabin is likely the highest-stamina character in the game.
    • Chakra: A Mantra clone that restores MP to the party instead of HP - the new level 6 Blitz.
    • Among many, many others.
  • Various bug fixes, including evasion, sketch, runic, genji glove, vanish/doom, and persistent statuses after death.
  • Periodic effect formulas have been re-worked to accommodate the emphasis on making stamina useful, as well as a lower HP curve. In particular, periodic damage is now reduced by raising stamina, while regen healing is increased. Poison will also scale a little slower, while seizure is almost universally useful.
  • Party level averaging has been removed at most parts in the game due to the added emphasis on stat growth via esper bonuses. An unfortunate side effect of this is that the World of Ruin has greatly varied difficulty depending on how it's chosen to be played.
  • Virtually all weapons, armor, and relics have been re-worked so few are dead weight, putting the onus on the player to determine what the best load out is for a particular character and/or situation.
  • All enemies have had their stats, resistances, weaknesses, status vulnerabilities, and battle scripts re-done or completely overhauled.
  • The game script has been largely re-written in order to be a bit more faithful to the original Japanese dialogue. A largely irreverent "clean" script has also been included for those with delicate sensibilities.

Further information can be found at the Readme. It's a bit of a lengthy read, as my partner is quite verbose, but at the very least section 4 should be perused.

As there was very little graphical and map hacking and no sound hacking (due to both being beyond the scope of the mod and being beyond our skills), I don't really have any screenshots, and only one video. Most of what we did is fairly difficult to show through screenshots and videos anyway.

A mini-review was written by one of the early downloaders of the release version, for those looking for something somewhat shorter than the Readme to summarize the mod:

Download link:
Alternate link:

Note that the alternate link and the Readme may not always be up to date, as they're maintained by my partner. The most recent version of the patch will always be on my site. With respect to the Readme, the only thing this should affect is the changelog, and I update the one on my site when I get a new one.

The archive includes four patches: two base patches, and two clean patches.

Base Patches
Identifiable by the version number in the file name, these contain the bulk of the hack. Applying one of these to a ROM makes Brave New World fully playable with an uncensored version of the script and with some uncensored enemy and esper sprites.

Clean Patches
These patches contain the new irreverent clean script, as well as a re-censoring of the sprites that were uncensored by the base patch. The clean patch should be applied after the base patch, otherwise you'll end up with a mostly vanilla game with a smattering of odd dialogue and custom enemy palettes.

Each type of patch comes in two flavors: headered and non-headered, identified by the [h] (headered) or [n] (non-headered) at the start of the file name. Use whichever flavor applies to your ROM. If you're unsure, try the non-headered patch first.

Known Issues
  • The World of Ruin map tends to glitch or "tear," especially around the Serpent Trench.
  • The animation for the Phoenix esper can occasionally cause severe graphical anomalies. As far as we know, this is just superficial and will clear up after battle.
  • Characters wearing a Knight Cape or Hero Ring will cover other characters the player may be trying to heal with a brush.
  • Treasure chests containing key items will close themselves if you go to the menu screen (or otherwise reload the map) and will be empty if you attempt to re-open them.
  • During certain battles, most notably the Cranes, the menu cursor will become difficult to see or disappear entirely - this is an emulator layering issue and has absolutely nothing to do with the mod (ditto for off-screen characters appearing layered over the HUD during in-battle cutscenes).
  • More so here than in the original game, renaming your characters (especially those with short names like Cyan, Gau, and Mog) can result in weird formatting in dialogue boxes; the ones that appear during battle cutscenes are notable offenders since they don't wrap normally and can potentially result in text overrunning the dialogue window
  • When casting the Remedy spell out of battle, it ignores the flag we created to use the caster's stamina in place of their magic power, which will in turn affect the spell's power potentially significantly depending on the character in question and their build

Aside from this thread, there are two other "official" places of discussion for the mod.

Insane Difficulty - A community of hackers and hack fans that were kind enough to give us our own forum for further discussion of BNW. This has more or less become the official BNW forum.
GameFAQs - Where most of the developmental discussion used to occur when BTB and I weren't on shift together. Now pretty much all discussion takes place at the Insane Difficulty forums linked above.

A few of the fine folks over at Insane Difficulty have generated some very pleasing discussion about Brave New World as well:

Character Build Guide - An in-progress collection of wiki articles detailing multiple viable builds for each character.
Magic List Analysis - Just as it says, this is a thread analyzing each character's magic selection and how they synergize with each character's esper bonuses.
What is BNW? in 300 words or less - It has become exceedingly difficult to succinctly describe Brave New World to people unfamiliar with it, especially considering where it's come from since 1.0.0. The author of this thread does an excellent job of doing so.

  • Version 1.0.0 - May 31, 2013
    • Initial release.
  • Version 1.0.1 - June 1, 2013
    • Fixes an issue with combat projectiles (shuriken, auto crossbow, etc) flying off in random directions.
    • Renamed "Pearl" to "Holy" in scan descriptions.
  • Version 1.0.2 - June 2, 2013
    • Switched back to my old patcher, as the new one was evidently causing strange problems.
  • Version 1.0.3 - June 2, 2013
    • Fixes an issue with patch creation that caused the new patch to be three times as large as it should be, likely resulting in a corrupted ROM.
  • Version 1.0.4 - June 3, 2013
    • Improved a few dialogue sequences and corrected a few more dialogue pointers.
    • Reverted a change to the fish on Solitary Island that I'd forgotten to revert before release.
  • Version 1.0.5 - June 7, 2013
    • Found a potentially corrupted patch that was not applied in the last version causing treasure chest changes to not take effect and Crusader to be unobtainable.
  • Version 1.0.6 - June 11, 2013
    • Fixed a handful of typos.
    • Corrected a missed boss immunity.
    • Corrected an error that caused a late-game boss to potentially drop multiple items.
  • Version 1.0.7 - June 12, 2013
    • Corrected an issue with the physical damage formula that could result in end-game damage getting out of control.
    • Corrected a few typos.
  • Version 1.0.8 - June 16, 2013
    • Fixed a problem where a jumped character that goes to zero HP in mid-air would still be alive upon landing.
    • Slightly lowered the power of Harvester.
    • Slightly toned down Banon.
    • Corrected a few typos.
  • Version 1.0.9 - June 19, 2013
    • Changed Bum Rush's input so it's easier to pull off.
    • Added some over-leveling protection to Atmaweapon.
    • Changed the way the patches are created, hopefully eliminating the version 1.0 requirement.
  • Version 1.1.0 - June 24, 2013
    • Scanning enemies with no weaknesses will now return a message saying as much (instead of saying "Can't probe target!").
    • Conjurers modified so they only Rerise themselves.
    • Probably a few typo fixes.
    • Equipping characters should work more intuitively now. No more having to equip a dagger before a sword in order to properly dual wield.
  • Version 1.1.1 - June 24, 2013
    • Corrected an issue with the dual wield hack applied in version 1.1.0 causing the relic list to appear grayed out.
    • Re-allowed rods in dual wielding setups.
  • Version 1.1.2 - June 27, 2013
    • An attacker using the Fight command with a brush equipped will now target allies by default.
    • Removed the mistakenly set "Fight always hits" flag from the Stat Stick relic.
  • Version 1.1.3 - July 1, 2013
    • An attacker using the Fight command with a brush equipped will now target allies by default. For real this time.
    • Typo fixes.
  • Version 1.1.4 - July 6, 2013
    • Corrected an issue with full heals (like Meerkat and Starlet) that weren't restoring the proper amounts of HP. These should now restore 9999 HP to everyone.
    • Fixed the glitchfest that was Joker Doom's animation.
  • Version 1.1.5 - July 9, 2013
    • Heiji's Coin will now properly turn Slot into GP Rain.
    • Typo fix.
  • Version 1.2.0 - July 18, 2013
    • Cyan's base speed and stamina have been increased. Note that these changes will only be seen in a new game, or if Cyan has yet to be recruited in the current game.
    • Umaro's base defenses have been increased. As above, only a new game will reflect these changes, unless Umaro has yet to be recruited.
    • The steal list has been somewhat revamped so hopefully there are more attractive items to pilfer.
    • Enemies in the Fanatics' Tower should no longer death counter with reflectable spells.
  • Version 1.3.0 - October 31, 2013
    • Wrote out some of the more gratuitous profanity in the dialogue and added an optional "clean" patch for a more family-friendly experience and a healthy dose of utter stupidity.
    • Revised character experience & HP growth. This will require a new game.
    • Reworked stamina to bring it in line with the other main stats, which included edits to esper boosts and several characters' base stamina. This will require a new game.
    • Modified the regen formula to make high HP/high stamina characters less immortal. Also modified the periodic damage formula to be affected by stamina.
    • Re-tooled the Morph status to be a toggled stance rather than a timed one that boosts offensive power at the expense of increasing damage taken (see the Readme for more info).
    • Implemented a new damage formula for GP Rain that allows it to consider the user's stamina. Also made the ability free-targeting.
    • Re-worked Umaro's base stats and attacks to allow him to be a contributing member of the party.
    • Raised the power of several bushidos (Empowerer, Flurry, Eclipse, and Tempest) as well as the random Wind Slash/Aero casts from weapons; also set the Dragon bushido to use stamina instead of magic power.
    • Changed the levels at which some bushidos and blitzes are learned to be consistent with the revised experience tables.
    • Shuriken (and Ninja Stars) are now free-targeting.
    • Set the value of all scrolls (thrown weapons) to 500 instead of having them staggered.
    • Sand Storm now sets the Dark status.
    • The Specter dance step now absorbs HP from its target instead of setting Stop.
    • Rock, Tentacle, and Shrapnel have been modified to deal competitive damage when used via Rages.
    • The Storm spell now targets all enemies instead of the entire battlefield.
    • Set Maduin summon to ignore defense and raised the power of Bismark, Terrato, Alexandr, and Crusader.
    • Palidor now deals physical damage to all enemies instead of allowing a mass jump attack.
    • Fixed a bug where Starlet and several dance steps (Meerkat, Tapir, and Ice Rabbit) were not correctly restoring all characters to max HP. Again.
    • Discord now sets bserk and muddle instead of halving the target's level.
    • Control has been removed from the game. As a result, the Dancho Doll and Coronet have been re-worked into different items.
    • The Moogle Charm has been put back in the game in place of the Dancho Doll with a new (undisclosed) effect(s).
    • Edited the Atma/Omega Weapon damage formula to make it a bit stronger. As a result, they no longer boost evasion and the Omega Weapon no longer does full damage from the back row.
    • Tweaked the stat boosts on most of the mid-to-late-game swords.
    • Lowered the defense and/or magic defense of some armor and relics.
    • The Magicite item has been replaced with the Phoenix Tear, which will revive a dead character to half of their max HP.
    • Tarot now (correctly) trades in for Heiji's Coin at the Colosseum instead of a Relic Ring.
    • Changed several enemy steals/drops and tweaked the steal success formula to make it a little easier.
    • Revised the list of sketchable enemy attacks to make more favorable attacks (usually) the ones that are more likely to be used.
    • Edited the attacks/odds for the following rages: Repo Man, Colossus, Flan, and Magic Pot.
    • Tweaked some enemy exp./gold values (mostly in the early WoR) and elemental weaknesses/resistances.
    • Made bosses immune to Rerise.
    • Corrected an oversight wherein it was possible to kill Chupon with Joker Doom without triggering Sneeze.
    • Bypassing Sabin in the World of Ruin should no longer cause problems with the Tentacle battle.
    • Fixed several zones on the WoR overworld that were incorrectly set to "no encounter."
    • The in-game version number (found in the Config menu) should now be correct. Additionally, the clean version will display a "c" at the end (i.e., 1.3.0c).
    • Listed the (approximate) HP values for bosses in the developer's Printme (inside the Unlockme archive).
    • Added some actual content to the Unlockme.txt file.
  • Version 1.4.0 - February 1, 2014
    • Overhauled Edgar's Tools, giving him two new ones (Defribillator and Mana Battery) and reworking his existing ones for less reduancy - a new game is suggested, especially if you're in the World of Ruin.
    • Edited the contents of many treasure chests (in part to accomodate the tool overhaul) and cleaned up a few unnecessary changes to the item database that were made due to our reluctance to revisit these edits before - updating an existing game will cause any of the following items you have to change:
      • Relic Ring -> Heiji's Coin
      • Heiji's Coin -> Nirvana Band
      • Nirvana Band -> Relic Ring
      • Reflect Ring <-> Wall Ring
      • Holy Rod <-> Doom Rod
      • Poison Rod -> BLANK ITEM
    • Raised global battle speed multipliers by 25%.
    • Overhauled the stealing system to offer better rewards for the totally cool crime of robbery.
    • Lowered the base odds for stumbling on non-native terrain when dancing.
    • Nerfed the power of Tentacle and Shrapnel as rage-based attacks; also corrected an error wherein stamina-based rage attacks (Rock, Tentacle, and Shrapnel) would be disabled by imp and mute.
    • Raised the power of Atomic Ray.
    • Lowered Quake's MP cost.
    • Modified the effects of the Moogle Charm.
    • Modified the Atma/Omega Weapon damage formula.
    • Changed the Excalibur's vigor boost to speed.
    • The Royal Jacket no longer blocks water damage.
    • Green Berets and Magus Hats are now purchaseable.
    • Strago, Relm, and Gogo can now equip vests.
    • Gogo can no longer equip Daryl's Soul.
    • Fixed Strago's base vigor, which was incorrectly set to 24 (requires a new game, but who cares?).
    • Lowered the experience given by early-game enemies to help keep levels low until espers are obtained.
    • Tweaked some character level conditionals in enemy scripts that hadn't been adjusted to match the experience overhaul that was made in the last update.
    • Modified the stats of several late-game enemies/bosses and/or their scripts.
    • Overhauled enemy status resistances to remove ones that served little/no purpose.
    • Corrected an error where Scan would falsely report no weaknesses for some enemies that have them, as well as *not* report "no weaknesses" for enemies that don't.
    • The Joker Doom animation should no longer makes the universe collapse on itself (hopefully).
    • Fixed a bug wherein attacks that were set to forcibly miss on bosses would still set statuses.
    • Fixed the upper left-hand corner of the WoB map, which was incorrectly set to "no encounter."
    • Fixed a bug where a certain hidden item was not working in the menu screen.
    • Fixed an error wherein the auction house claimed to be selling magicite (instead of Phoenix Tears).
    • Fixed a line that was incorrectly being displayed as a bunch of ampersands.
    • Censored a few dirty lines in Clean New World that I missed on the first go-around.
    • Added a note to the installation instructions about the in-game version number and how to make sure that your game is patched correctly.
    • Some other stuff.
  • Version 1.4.1 - February 2, 2014
    • Fixed an error in the previous update that caused the game's first battle to be unwinnable due to the Guard enemy being (somehow) given the incorrect stats.
  • Version 1.4.2 - February 3, 2014
    • Fixed an esper that was giving an incorrect level bonus.
  • Version 1.4.3 - February 4, 2014
    • Fixed a few items that were incorrectly set to be unusable by anyone.
  • Version 1.4.4 - February 8, 2014
    • Fixed a bug where a certain optional scene was crashing the game.
    • Added stamina boosts to Setzer's weapons.
    • A few other minor tweaks/fixes.
  • Version 1.4.5 - March 1, 2014
    • Modified the Atma/Omega Weapon damage formula to add four times the wielder's stamina to the final damage total as was done in previous versions of the hack, but was removed when we changed up the formula in version 1.4.0 (see the "Atma & Omega" hack description for more info).
    • Added a hack that changes the Zantetsuken's random cleave proc to a critical hit death-immune enemies.
    • Added a hack that will allow one of Edgar's tools to be more useful in the late game.
    • Removed a hack that added 10 to the Mana Battery's "damage" calculation (side note: this hack was causing a bug where Dried Meat would heal an extra 10 HP when used in battle, so that's fixed now).
    • Replaced the "ignores row" property of spears with a random counter-attack.
    • Removed the "ignores row" property from a certain hidden weapon and lowered its power.
    • Added a new hidden weapon for a certain character
    • Fine-tuned the power/stat boosts of several weapons (mostly swords) and relics.
    • Renamed some of Shadow's weapons to be less generic/stupid-sounding.
    • Raised the power of the special attack on the Stray Cat rage.
    • Reworked the direct-damage esper summons to be more effective against bosses (or any lone enemy) by raising their power and removing their "no split damage" property.
    • Kirin now sets Regen (in addition to a small heal) instead of Fenrir (which now only sets Image).
    • Celes now learns Cure 2 at level 18 instead of Ice 2.
    • Terra now learns Storm at level 20 instead of Regen.
    • Tweaked the stats/scripts of a few late-game bosses.
    • Fixed an error where the Succubus/Lilith enemy set had the incorrect common steal.
    • Fixed a bug where Zone Eater would not engulf characters who were airborne when it triggered.
    • Fixed a bug where Kefka's attacks during the Imperial Camp sequence were healing you.
    • Fixed a bug where Dried Meats and Tinctures were being affected by magic-boosting relics.
    • Fixed a zone near Kohlingen in the WoR that was incorrectly set to "no encounter."
    • Fixed an error where the Royal Jacket had an incorrect prize when bet at the Colosseum.
    • Fixed an error in the battle with Guardian where some text was appearing incorrectly.
    • A few minor dialogue edits/fixes.
    • Added some new bloopers to the Unlockme content and moved them to a separate archive (which is linked to in the Unlockme.txt file) in the interests of keeping the main download compact.
  • Version 1.4.6 - March 03, 2014
    • Fixed some errors in a handful of enemy scripts.
    • Corrected an issue with relics attempting to optimize the user's equipment.
  • Version 1.4.7 - March 15, 2014
    • Fixed a bug wherein the "random spellcast rate up" property on rods and the Mystery/Oath Veil was incorrectly being applied only to the party's lead character regardless of who had them equipped.
    • Tweaked the stat boosts on the Mystery/Oath Veil (both were previously set incorrectly).
    • Fixed an error where the Longinus was still set to do equal damage from the back row.
    • Fixed an error where several pieces of end-game armor had the wrong defensive values set.
    • Fixed an error where the Relic Ring incorrectly provided stat boosts.
    • Fixed an error where some enemies had the wrong elemental weaknesses set (Ahriman, Buffalax/Opinicus, and Rain Man/Parasoul/Joker) or incorrectly lacked the "floating" property (Gariso and Bat Lady).
    • Removed the "dies at 0 MP" property from the Fanatics Tower mages (the non-undead ones), as well as Hidon and the Hidonites (this was an error stemming from the fact that they were once undead).
    • Tweaked the counter-attacks of a few enemies (most notably, Demons will no longer counter Throw).
    • Tweaked the AI of a certain boss to stop harshly countering an attack that's very likely to be used against him/her/it.
    • Fixed a bug wherein the game would soft-lock if it went into "attract" mode.
    • Fixed some typos in the dialogue.
    • Fixed some formatting errors with the printme that were causing some pages to print out incorrectly; also corrected a few errors (the Partisan had the wrong value and some enemies had wrong weaknesses).
    • Added a lore guide and a writeup of enemy AI to the main section of the Unlockme.txt file, as well as two new sections containing a list of references in the mod and commentary on our translation choices.
  • Version 1.4.8 - March 30, 2014
    • Fixed a bug with the overflow protection on the new steal ("treasure hunting") formula.
    • Tweaked the MP costs of a few underused/overused grey magic spells.
    • Lowered the random encounter rate at Zozo.
    • Made some minor dialogue formatting adjustments.
    • Corrected some errors/typos in the Unlockme.txt file and added a few references/notes we missed before.
  • Version 1.4.9 - August 23, 2014
    • Edited the GP Toss formula to make it do better damage when multi-targeted (ST damage is unchanged).
    • Changed the bonus on Tritoch from MP+45 to MP+30/Stam+1.
    • Lowered the bonus on Ragnarok from MP+60 to MP+45.
    • Raised the accuracy of the Quartr, Doom, X-Zone, and Stone spells.
    • Lowered the cost of the Stone and Rasp spells.
    • Changed the random spell procs on the Spirit Claw and Frostgore (to Mute and Doom, respectively).
    • Mog can now equip robes (Cotton and Light).
    • The Czarina Gown no longer blocks ice or bolt damage.
    • Slightly raised the magic defense of the Crystal Helm, Crystal Armor, and Dark Gear.
    • Slightly lowered the non-dominant defense of the Genji/Dragon Helm and Genji/Force Armor.
    • Added a stat boost and penalty to a certain piece of hidden equipment.
    • Added a second Switchblade (MAY BE MISSED IF APPLIED TO AN EXISTING SAVE).
    • Undid an unnecessary database edit to Guard Rings (UPDATING WILL MAKE YOU LOSE ANY THAT YOU HAVE).
    • Renamed the Wall Ring to Shield Ring (to eliminate confusion with the Reflect Ring's original name).
    • Removed the fifth Reflect Ring (there was only supposed to be four).
    • The Life Bell no longer restores HP while walking.
    • Lv. 50 Mages now die at 0 MP like they should.
    • Edited the Sketch attacks of several bosses.
    • Made a small addition to Kefka's script.
    • Fixed an error in Inferno's script.
    • Fixed an error in which Joker Doom was much easier to spin than it's supposed to be.
    • Fixed the Quicksand/Rerise bug, hopefully for good this time.
    • Fixed some incorrect pointers in the Cave to the Sealed Gate.
    • Fixed an issue with the Clean New World patch that resulted in several lines being totally fucked up.
    • Made some other minor dialogue edits.
    • Added three new (minor) bugfix patches: (Bad Decoration, Esper Battle Menu, Fancy Walking).
    • Updated the installation instructions with a note about ROM versions.
    • Fixed a few more things in the Unlockme.txt file.
    • Some other stuff.
  • Version 1.4.A - August 23, 2014
    • Corrected an issue with the Quicksand fix that would prevent any status from being set on certain boss-designated enemies.
  • Version 1.5.0 - October 29, 2014
    • Changed the stat boosts on the following espers:
      • Shiva [to +2 Magic]
      • Maduin [to +1 Magic/+1 Stamina]
      • Carbunkl [to +25 MP/+1 Stamina]
      • Tritoch [to +2 Stamina]
      • Odin [to +2 Stamina]
      • Crusader [to +25 MP/+1 Stamina]
      • Bahamut [to +40 MP]
      • Ragnarok [to +40 MP]
    • Changed the following spells on the following espers:
      • Siren [Slow -> Haste (new spell for Edgar)]
      • Shiva [Float -> Slow (Strago now learns Slow instead of Float)]
      • Maduin [Imp -> Muddle (Terra/Mog no longer learn Imp; Mog now learns Muddle instead)]
    • Changed the level at which the following spells/abilities are learned:
      • Terra [Muddle (to 5)]
      • Terra [Slow (to 9)]
      • Terra [Fire 2 (to 12)]
      • Terra [Shell (to 18; replaces Storm)]
      • Terra [Life 2 (replaces Fire 3 @ level 24)]
      • Terra [RegenX (to 30)]
      • Celes [Remedy (to 8)]
      • Celes [Bserk (to 10)]
      • Celes [Cure 2 (to 16)]
      • Celes [Life (to 20)]
      • Celes [Ice 3 (to 25)]
      • Sabin [Aurabolt (to 15)]
      • Cyan [Mindblow (to 8)]
      • Cyan [Empowerer (to 10)]
      • Cyan [Flurry (to 12)]
    • Adjusted the following base stats on the following characters:
      • Edgar [+6 Battle Power (to 42)]
      • Sabin [+6 Battle Power (to 42)]
      • Cyan [+6 Battle Power (to 42)]
      • Gau [-6 Speed (to 36)]
      • Shadow [-6 Speed (to 42)]
      • Mog [+6 M.Defense (to 36); +6 Evade/M.Evade (both to 18)]
      • Relm [-6 M.Defense (to 30)]
      • Strago [-6 M.Defense (to 36)]
      • Gogo [-6 Speed (to 30); +6 Vigor & Magic (both to 30)]
    • Re-adjusted the experience curve and gains from early-game enemies yet again to help keep levels low before espers are obtained without having to resort to running from battles; also added a new hack ("No Exp. Egg") that allows experience gain to be disabled entirely
    • Setzer now joins the party at a lower level (and wearing defensive relics to help keep him alive)
    • Gogo now joins at the party's average level instead of three levels below it
    • Replaced the game's shitty Random Number Generator with a better one ("Random Number Good")
    • Edited our extension of the main Evade Bug Fix patch to remove accuracy penalties to regular physical attacks against targets with Haste, Poison, Seizure, or "Near Fatal" status (and yes, they stacked)
    • Added a new hack ("Evade Counter") that allows characters to counter attacks that missed them
    • Added a new hack ("MP 4 Crits") that scales the cost of MP-fueled critical hits with the user's level
    • Added a new hack ("Throw Down (Part Of) The Gauntlet") that fixes an issue where holding a 2-handed weapon with both hands would inaccurately report its effective battle power in the menu screen
    • Added a new hack ("Bare Naked Yeti") which fixes a bug with the original game wherein the "unequip your d00ds" dude wouldn't remove Umaro's relics by unlocking Umaro's equip menu
    • Added an option to the config menu (see "B Button Dash") for running to be the default walking speed
    • Made the following adjustments to the "Command Delay Changes" hack:
      • Rage [to $10]
      • Mimic [to $00]
      • X-Magic [to $20; this is effectively equal to $40 in practice]
    • The Drill/Chainsaw are now affected by the back-row damage penalty (see "Short Range Specials")
    • Made several other edits/tweaks to the power/effects of various attacks, most notably:
      • Flash [power raised to 75]
      • Chainsaw [power lowered to 240]
      • Air Blade [power lowered to 36; now ignores defense]
      • Empowerer [now does magical damage instead of phsyical; power set to 100]
      • Flurry [power raised to 100]
      • Dragon [now only sets Stone 50% of the time]
      • Eclipse [power lowered to 90]
      • Ninja Star [power lowered to 240]
      • Bad Breath [now sets Seizure instead of Slow]
      • Atomic Ray [now sets Seizure]
      • Brown Note [now ignores defense]
      • Elf Fire [now has a 50% chance of setting Seizure]
      • Plasma [now has a 50% chance of setting Poison]
      • Specter [now drains both HP and MP; no longer sets Seizure]
      • Snowball [no longer deals Earth damage]
      • Raccoon [changed to a full-party heal that lifts most bad statuses]
      • Meerkat [changed to a powerful MT offensive attack]
      • Tapir [now cures some MP instead of all HP in addition to lifting all bad statuses]
      • Ice Rabbit [now sets Image instead of Regen]
      • Interceptor [now deals stamina-based damage]
    • Changed the rare attack on the Chimera rage from Blizzard to Fireball
    • Raised the power of end-game rods and lowered the power of brushes (I swapped them, basically)
    • Changed the random spellcasts on the following Claws:
      • Spirit Claw [to Slow]
      • Ocean Claw [to Drain]
      • Hell Claw [to Mute]
    • Raised the magic defense of the Diamond/Crystal Helm and Dark Hood by 5 each
    • Took a nerf stick to the defense/m.defense of most end-game shields and armor, including:
      • (Element)guard [from 30/45 to 20/40]
      • Genji Shield [from 60/30 to 45/30]
      • Force Shield [from 30/60 to 30/45]
      • Aegis Shield [from 30/30 to 25/25]
      • Hero Shield [from 45/45 to 40/40]
      • Genji Armor [from 75/35 to 70/35]
      • Force Armor [from 35/75 to 35/70]
      • Minerva [from 50/60 to 50/50]
      • Czarina Gown [from 40/60 to 40/50; also lowered magic bonus to +5]
      • Tabby Hide [from 25/40 to 25/35]
      • Gator Hide [from 30/45 to 30/40]
      • Chocobo Hide [from 35/50 to 35/45]
      • Moogle Hide [from 40/60 to 40/50]
      • Dragon Hide [from 45/70 to 45/60]
      • Mirage Vest [from 40/40 to 35/35]
    • The Relic Ring has been renamed to "Ghost Ring" and is now purchasable on the Soul Train
    • Raised the speed boost on the Black Belt to +7
    • Removed the HP/MP bonus from a certain piece of hidden equipment
    • Lowered the battle power of a certain hidden weapon
    • Fixed a bug with a certain piece(s?) of hidden equipment forcing optimization
    • Added Green Cherries back into the game as items that now set or cure Imp (as the spell)
    • Added a new item (Red Bull) which is a slightly stronger version of Dried Meat (cures 150 HP)
    • Re-adjusted the values of most purchasable items as well as their availability throughout shops
    • Re-balanced many of the prizes at the Colosseum as well as the opponents fought for them
    • Edited *many* boss and enemy scripts - there just might even be a new boss fight, as well
    • Renamed War Rider to Hell Rider to better hint to the player that he's undead (also renamed the enemy that was *already* named Hell Rider as well as his little buddy to something more appropriate)
    • As an afterthought to the above, renamed Tek Rider (AKA "TunnlArmr") to "Hell Angel"
    • Rewrote one of the most notoriously cheesy scenes in the mod to something much less narmy
    • Corrected an error where warping in a particular area had not been enabled as we had intended
    • Found and removed a dirty line from the Clean New World patch
    • Added a version number to the main ("character") tab of the Printme
    • Added some formatting to the "enemy" tab of the printme for easier reading
    • Added a Rage "Quick Reference" tab to the printme in the unlockme archive, courtesy of Funnyman
    • Added an Excel-based character planner (BNWCP) to the unlockme archive, courtesy of Mishrak
    • Added a treasure map to the unlockme archive that lists the locations of rare equipment
    • Added writeups of many obscure/confusing game mechanics to the Unlockme.txt file; also removed a few unnecessary portions that I'd only included for the purposes of internal documentation
    • Expanded the credits section to better express my gratuitude toward everyone who has helped make this mod what it is today - thank you guys all so much!
    • A bunch of other things either too insignificant or too secret (>.>) to mention here
  • Version 1.5.1 - October 29, 2014
    • Empowerer should now be correctly set as magic damage

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06-01-2013, 09:47 AM
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   RE: FF6 - Brave New World
Grats! It's always nice to see a project completed. The motivation to work through some more tedious tasks can be hard to muster. Great job, I will be sure to give it a whorl.
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06-01-2013, 10:02 AM
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   RE: FF6 - Brave New World
I really can't wait to play this! The only issue is that I don't really have too much time right now that I can use to play it, so I'll probably wait until school ends. I think the fact that some of the mechanics are different is going to take me out of my comfort zone and add an extra level of challenge to this hack, and the characters seem very diverse in combat as well, which is awesome.

Confused Moogles FTW
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06-01-2013, 10:09 AM
Post: #4
   RE: FF6 - Brave New World
I'm going to play this soon. I dropped my version 0.8 LLG, Number 128 was way too difficult for a low-level party. I'm probably going to enjoy version 1.0 and play it as a normal game.

Madsiur's Lair
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06-01-2013, 11:28 AM
Post: #5
   RE: FF6 - Brave New World
Good to see there is some interest.

Apparently there are a few graphical anomalies (in-battle projectiles flying off the bottom of the screen, things like that), probably caused by the last couple of patches we put in. I'll look over and attempt to correct these in the next week or so, but it's not a high priority as the game is still playable, and I'm rather looking forward to taking a short break from it.

Edit: Okay, so I got to it today. Face-Palm Version 1.0.1 is up.

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06-02-2013, 11:09 PM
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   RE: FF6 - Brave New World
There have been a small handful of updates today, fixing a few minor issues.

A changelog has been added to the initial post as well.

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06-05-2013, 03:57 AM
Post: #7
   RE: FF6 - Brave New World
Greetings! I'm playing on 1.0.4 and I found some issues!

1: Locke's red dot below his ear that doesn't look like an earring is still there.

2: Edgar talked to the Figaro Castle merchants himself, then I put Sabin in the lead, but the bros are left with but one question: "Where's my royal discount?"

3: In Kohlinghen, the woman who asks if I'm a friend of Locke is able to walk onto a space off the map to the left. (It's a black space.) If I move there, I leave town.

4: Kohlinghen: The weapon/armor/item shop is called the General Store. In other places, the item shop is called the General Store. Was curious about the why of this naming decision.

5: Setzer's ship: "The Empire... evil?"/"The Empire's made me a rich man!" I miss these classic lines.

6: Albrook: I enter town and there are green translucent overlays on some of the scenery. It just looks weird.

7: Zozo: Did y'all program things so if Celes goes before a Slamdancer, the Slamdancer doesn't use a Runicable ability? It happened at least 3 times. Also, whenever Celes went after a Slamdancer, the Slamdancer cast Fire.

8: Tzen: In town, I walked directly left and went 'behind' the gray stone. The stone's color turned darker because I was there. Odd. (May've been in the original game.)
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06-05-2013, 04:31 AM
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   RE: FF6 - Brave New World
2. The royal discount was removed as part of a complete overhaul to the game's economy.

3. Weird.

4. This wasn't intentional. I didn't actually change the names of any individual shops; all I did was rename "Item Shop" (I think) to "General Store".

6. Also weird.

7. Nope, the RNG just really hates you. In fact, I don't believe it's possible for enemies to respond to Runic.

8. I'm inclined to agree that this was probably also present in the original game.
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06-05-2013, 07:55 AM (This post was last modified: 06-05-2013 08:54 AM by Synchysi.)
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   RE: FF6 - Brave New World
Quote:1: Locke's red dot below his ear that doesn't look like an earring is still there.

Did you patch over an older version? I don't see the issue you're talking about when I patch 1.0.4 to a fresh ROM.

Quote:2: Edgar talked to the Figaro Castle merchants himself, then I put Sabin in the lead, but the bros are left with but one question: "Where's my royal discount?"

No more royal discount. Both Figaro brothers should admonish the merchant for suggesting it.

Quote:3: In Kohlinghen, the woman who asks if I'm a friend of Locke is able to walk onto a space off the map to the left. (It's a black space.) If I move there, I leave town.

We didn't mess with any NPC movement patterns, so this was likely the case in the original game too. It seems minor enough.

Quote:4: Kohlinghen: The weapon/armor/item shop is called the General Store. In other places, the item shop is called the General Store. Was curious about the why of this naming decision.

Same as #3. We changed the text on some of the location names, but didn't change what locations used them. "General Store" was "ITEM SHOP" in the unmodified version.

Quote:5: Setzer's ship: "The Empire... evil?"/"The Empire's made me a rich man!" I miss these classic lines.

It didn't make sense from a narrative point of view that Setzer is on the Empire's side considering how quickly he turns on them. On top of that, the way it ended up originally was a product of shoddy translation; in the Japanese dialogue, he's upset at the Empire for ruining his business.

Quote:6: Albrook: I enter town and there are green translucent overlays on some of the scenery. It just looks weird.

This might be the same issue as #1, as I can't duplicate it either.

Quote:7: Zozo: Did y'all program things so if Celes goes before a Slamdancer, the Slamdancer doesn't use a Runicable ability? It happened at least 3 times. Also, whenever Celes went after a Slamdancer, the Slamdancer cast Fire.

Nah, that's just shoddy luck with the RNG. She doesn't really start favoring magic attacks until she's all alone either.

Quote:8: Tzen: In town, I walked directly left and went 'behind' the gray stone. The stone's color turned darker because I was there. Odd. (May've been in the original game.)

Sounds like an emulator layering issue, like when you see characters' heads detach from their bodies during battle events (like the first Ultros battle). We didn't do anything with Tzen's map, so you're probably right about that being a relic from the original game.

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06-07-2013, 01:24 AM
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   RE: FF6 - Brave New World
(All points are for 1.0.4.)

1: Switchblade: If Locke tries to steal because this item's "Steal" effect triggers, do enemies still do their uber counters?

2: Do I get AP ("Magic Points") for enemies that are part of my formation, but escape? For example, a Commando and 2 Foxhounds was worth 2AP to me, but 1 hound escaped. Would I get the same AP had I killed all the enemies?

3: Magitek Research Facility (past Number 024): When the purple lights go on during the scene focusing on Celes, Cid, and Kefka, the top right parts of the capsules have a white square that looks like a bug. Reminds me of the minor graphical glitches from previous versions. Also, Sabin (my second party member) was lying face up in the top right corner of the "that's where we stand for this cutscene" platform with the background wall through his leg.

4: Maybe it's my loadout, but at level 21, Edgar the 'tank' has the lowest HP of my would-be front-liners. Celes, Sabin, and even Locke have more HP than Eddy (and Locke is 3 levels lower!) I haven't equipped Phantom and co yet, but maybe I'll make it up soon.

5: Reentering the Magitek Factory after Number 128 looks like it's kinda thumping to the beat.

6: In Zozo before Terra rejoins the party, she doesn't ask who Setzer is, why here's there, nor about the very important airship that's hanging out front. I assume the party recaps things for her, but it's never mentioned.

7: For the airship tutorial, Setzer says, "so help me." So help him... what? So help me... God?

8: Shop Menus: Being able to see party members who have left the party spoils their return. There's no wondering, "Will X return?" No! I just go to town and see that everyone who's joined me will eventually return. Can you change that?

9: Slot: One time, I used Slot and the slot machine became 777 and inverted its colors. I pushed A repeatedly and I got "Go Fish." Odd. It was in Narshe's mines, on the way to find Mog. Gau raged Sand Ray (Sand Storm) and Cyan had Dispatch going.

10: Dual wield glitch? I gave Mog a Full Moon in his right hand (top slot) then put a Stout Spear in his left hand (second slot from top).

11: The item descriptions say Mog can wear Sprint Shoes and a Black Belt, but his Relic screen won't let him. Doh? (I unequipped everyone via the airship guy then reequipped and now it's fine. Odd.)

12: Mog: If I use a dance that alters the terrain, then win the battle, I can't learn the dance from the original terrain.

13: Mog: Why can't I learn Earth Blues from the inside of a mountain, but I can from the outside?

14: Gau: When Gau returns from a Leap on the Veldt, why does he automatically go to the front row? This happens in FFVI vanilla too. Can we fix it?

15: An Antlion, a low-level creature found around Figaro Castle, can cast Doom. Doom! Why?

16: Does Berserk (Bserk) cause someone to activate a random rage? Mog went berserk then started raging Exocite. Dunno how that happened!
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