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Gi Nattak
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"In general we did things by hand for that game though. But yeah, with CG, we’ve been watching movies like Terminator 2 and studying the technology they used to make those graphics. Recently at Square we’ve been using those tools a lot. Originally we tried the technology out just for texture mapping on 3D objects, but with Chrono Trigger, for the first time we’re using texture mapping methods to add three-dimensionality to actual objects in-game. We still want the warmth of hand-drawn graphics though, so we’re trying not to make it too obvious where we’ve used the CG. But we felt it could add some nice variety to things if used sparingly. It wasn’t a question of whether to use it at all, but how visible it should be. And it wasn’t a case of cg art being better than pixel art, or vice versa; you have to decide on a case-by-case basis which is appropriate, I think. With everyone thinking about the next generation of console hardware, it makes sense to have our designers studying that new technology now, in advance."
 -Yasuhiko Kamata


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Posted by: Gi Nattak - Forum: Announcements


What of these SNES RPGs besides the Final Fantasys & Chrono Trigger is your favorite/the best, and why?

Lufia 2
Tales of Phantasia
Romancing SaGa 3
Illusion of Gaia
Secret of Mana
Seiken Densetsu 3
Secret of Evermore
Breath of Fire 2
Mystic Quest
Super Mario RPG
Live a Live
Dragon Quest 3
Star Ocean


It's time for the battle of the Giants!

Vote for your favorite version and tell us why you prefer this version of this FF4 classic!


Royaken's version&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspGi Nattak's version
[Image: ff4_2.jpg]


Out of all the characters, which one would you have liked to see have more allocated story time? Is there a particular event that comes to mind that you would have liked to see play out for them? Or a backstory elaborated on more? Questions that deserve answers to?


Alright it's time for a second MML challenge. Royaken and Gi Nattak have worked on the famous Street Fighter II song that most people know. Now it's time to vote for which version of Guile's Theme you prefer and you may post your comments as well!

The poll is public and will be open for 2 weeks!

Royaken's Version&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspGi Nattak's Version
[Image: guile.jpg]


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